Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bash, crash and cash... Ring in the New Year

Enjoy a New Year’s big brazen bash, my crazy Big Cats, then await the crash with tail a-twitching anxiously...for cold hard cash will reign as king, once again. Why not create your own? For the Federal Reserve will be on everyone’s list to boldly dissolve and smash...

Okay, the Kougar has been imbibing on the New Year’s new spirit...shush and hush, never mind her opening words...consider them equal to dirty roadside slush...
Wowza, don’t forget your trousahs, party-escaping hep cats...this is Liquid Silver Books end of the year of them ~

Reviewer's Top Picks of 2008

Mima – Honor Within, Alpha Within, Wild Within
Kim Knox – Unity
Savanna Kougar –Red Lioness Tamed
Nina Pierce - The Healer’s Garden, Blind Love, Love’s Bounty, Arranging Love
Raine McIntyre - Doing Time
Marisa Chenery - Beowulf and Roxie, Taryn’s Wolf, The Chosen One, Seducing the Wolf
Jeanne Barrack - The Shimmering Flame
Red Garnier – I Take Thee
Samantha Lucas – Anything for Sasha
Shayla Kersten – Forever
Celine Chatillon – Beautiful Dreamer
Jennifer Leeland – Taking Command
Roscoe James – The White Swan
Jamie Craig – Fortune’s Return
Paige Tyler – Protective Custody
Eileen Ann Brennan – Marnie’s Secret

These books are recipients of a 4.5 rating or higher and/or been a Top Pick of a review site.

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

A claw snippet from The Special Secret Project ~

Keening a song of whimpers to him, she climbed toward her rapture. Her sheath gloved him tightly, yet surrendered with a sultry softness that had him groaning like an inexperienced heathen. Zavier allowed his own orgasm to undo him totally, but didn’t allow his weight to crush her. The brutal explosion at the base of his cock surged upwards, then overpowered him like a tidal wave. He ebbed his orgasm-blazing rod in and out of her, flowing strongly for a long while.
“Dream.” He heard her murmur as she reached up, clinging to him, her lush sleek body his. All his.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 6 ~

Sylva halted at the top of the stoop, enchanted. The crescent moon hung in the sunset sky like an enormous lemon slice, only cast in gold. Smiling, she hugged her cloak closer against the windy chill. Sweeping down the short flight of steps, she clicked toward her small car, watching out for the vein-like cracks in the sidewalk. As she stepped off the worn-down curb to cross the street, her ankle wobbled from a pebble beneath her shoe. With a talented balancing act she righted herself, but not in time to avoid the speeding black SUV wheeling around the corner.

Zeke wheeled toward his father, who winked broadly, and grinned. Saluting with his hat, Zeke continued out the door. The crescent moon shone above the tangerine-pink horizon while the planet of love, Venus, blazed brightly. Inside the shelter next to the hitching rail, he saddled and bridled Smoky, one of his favorite riding stallions. Making certain the soft lariat was secure, he swung astride, appreciating the familiar creak of leather. Smoky stretched into a fast walk, then a long trot, eager for a gallop. Without cue the stallion settled into a ground-eating lope. In an hour they would hit town.

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Part 3 ~ see Bound by Gold Ribbon... New Year’s Day, 2013
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Happy New Year Big Smoochie from the Kougar...


Paige Tyler said...

Thanks for the mention, Savanna! Happy New Year!


Savanna Kougar said...

You're welcome!

Celine Chatillon said...

Thanks for the mention, too! LSB rocks! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Savanna Kougar said...

Celine, you're welcome. LSB does rock!