Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, oh the madness...

Oh, Big Kittens, the crescent moon in the early sky was exquisite, hanging above the tangerine-pink horizon, and hanging below a bright gorgeous planet, probably none other than Venus.
Yes, meow-hiss, Monday, oh the promo madness which ensues on the various chat loops. The Kougar is forced to wonder how much time she is wasting. Or not. Given the great numbers of excerpts, contests, sales, blogs, CAPA winners, and other five-star notes of review merit blasting in from every it really worth it?
Still, at the heart of the matter, the Kougar would adore connecting with those readers who do enjoy her novels, or would enjoy them.
How purring-best to do that? That yowling-remains the constant question.

And purring about Snow Angels... this pic was on the Coast-to-Coastam site.

During the worst snow storm on record, here in the northwest, and as we were getting cabin fever from 8 days of being stuck inside, we looked in the backyard and saw the shape of an angel in a tree (on Christmas Eve, no less). I know it is random snow sticking to random limbs, but it made us feel better.

--Bill K.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~
FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Part 4 ~

Sylva grimaced and shook her head at herself, before whirling away from the mirror, and out the bathroom door. Yeah, that would be the day. True love, ha! She’d tried it several times now, with results more dismal than the prospect of not being able to find job. Refusing to think about what possessions she could sell to get by, she lovingly picked up her long velvet cape. Reversible, the hooded cape was a glorious red velvet on one side and a deep midnight black on the other. Who cared if people thought she looked like a witch in it.

Zeke swung the fringed buckskin jacket off the garment post, and slid into it. It fit his frame perfectly. He’d made certain of that by having it tailored in town, despite his family’s protest and ribbing over his extravagance, as they called it. But hell to the four winds, Brennon outfitted the other young bucks and the ranch gentlemen. All of whom partook of sophisticated entertainments in town, other than Sophie’s Sin Saloon. What did he care if others thought he was too dandified? His quick aim with a fist or gun meant most would keep their comments to themselves.
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Monday mad smooch from the Kougar...

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