Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remembering... Happy New Year, Part 5 ~

A glorious good evening, my Big Beautiful Cats, the crescent moon hangs like a lemon slice, only cast in gold. This morning, the Kougar fatigued herself with a trip into town to stock up on doggie food, electrical cords and hardware stuffies, etc. ~ before the temps drop again. Outside moi’s window, the wind is gusting like giants running a marathon across the tame prairie, bringing in the nasty cold air. And the air is permeated with boiling chicken liver, just for the baby doggies.
Remembering... moi is remember her grandmother and her brother with fondness and sadness because their Sun in Capricorn birthdays were the 30th and 31st of December. Both of them passed over to heaven more than a decade ago, but some holes never repair. The Kougar’s grandmother had a tender giving heart despite the tough, often abusive circumstances she lived through as a child and adult. The Kougar’s brother was one of those rare souls who possessed a genius intelligence, yet owned a Three Stooges’ sense of humor. Yes, he was his own downfall, in many ways. Still, the world is definitely poorer without him. Bless them both and may they constantly be filled with the joys of heaven.

Tomorrow! Meow and double pow, the Kougar is finally on a good list with her novella from Liquid Silver Books, RED LIONESS TAMED ~ which she will gladly share and roar more details about...

NOTICE...purring on the left-paw side, the link to the Happily Ever After blog...where the Kougar and the other fantastic authors will be romancing the novel and celebrating the love between a woman and a man.

FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

The Special Secret Project is Back !

“Fire seeks its own truth. And exposes the truth.”
Not fully understanding, Zavier swivelled his head back and forth, between the search of her flame and the progress of building the dam. The team’s stamina had waned some, yet they remained ahead of the water’s savage surge against the structure. He hoped a second-wave attack hadn’t been planned. His resources wore thin and his brothers could be too fatigued to fight off their enemies.
“Found it, the ignition site,” she stated, triumph beneath her monotone voice.
The fire trail ended inside the Mayor’s stronghold, but inside one of the guest rooms. “Pull out, Wendy. I have the location.”
He could feel her reluctance, but she withdrew, and staggered backwards moments later. Leaping up, he caught her, then carried her back to the chair. After studying her face briefly, he cradled her in one arm, and re-focused on the screen, on watching for any more trouble with a holy big capitol T.
“The rain is ending,” she whispered.
Sure enough the slashing sheets had lessened to a steady downpour. More importantly the clouds were breaking up, letting the glisten of the sky show through, even if it wasn’t the bright blue of years past. With a final furious effort, the team filled in the weak points they found, then soared above the dam, and scanned the area.

Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~

Part 5 ~

Sylva tucked her evening bag beneath her arm, then carefully locked the door to her apartment. Barely adequate, it was all she could afford. Maybe it was time, to leave the windy city, Chicago. Corruption grew like a weed everyday. And, if she had to be tormented one more time by the garlic-on-steroids cooking smells that seeped into every crack of the building, and saturated her clothing, along with the constant fog of cigarette smoke, she was going to scream bloody murder. Her only humorous consolation...garlic kept the vampires away. But, not the real bloodsuckers lurking around every corner.

Zeke enthusiastically trotted down the private stairway that led to his section of the rambling ranch house, one hand perched on the butt of his pistol. The construction of a grand new wing was almost constant. Currently his sister and her new husband had decided to make the ranch their permanent home, and were overseeing the latest plans. His boots hit the expensive sierra-colored granite floor of the entryway, clicking loudly. His mother had finagled it out of his father, using her seductive wiles toward the end of their shouting-rambunctious negotiations. Glimpsing his father in the side hall, he halted.
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May your most romantic dreams come true...

Crescent moon kiss from the Kougar...

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