Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Red, Red Cardinal & Santa Baby...

Yesterday my Beautiful Big Cats, the Kougar watched the most gorgeous red, red Cardinal outside her back window. Little adorable guy was all puffed up against the cold and perched on a slender stem close to the ground. For the longest time, he swivelled his head back and forth, up and down, watching everything around him. Finally, he hopped down, fed for an instant on the organically grown weed seeds that are moi’s wilding yard. Then he puffed up again against the nasty cold and looked around for such a long time, moi began to worry that something was wrong and he couldn’t fly away. But happily, he finally flashed away in a winging burst of blurry red.

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Part Five ~ The Magic of Mistletoe...unrealized...

She watched him snatch down a generous sprig of mistletoe, a smooth fluid motion that made her gasp. As he walked toward her with that powerful languid stride that always held her attention, she sucked in a ginormous breath, clutching her belly. Okay, he wasn’t gay, if the size in his santa suit wasn’t his bag of goodies stuffed down his pants...of course, maybe it was goodie-filled. Kaily felt her eyes widen like the O-rings she used in her craft projects, before her gaze flew back up to his face. The golden flare in his eyes immobilized her like a deer in headlights...yep, his gaze looked like brandy set on fire, flambe’ style. Frightened, she quivered and felt the edges of the wide ribbon cut into her skin. Halting, he stared down at her. Kaily swore his gaze feasted on her like she was his personal holiday banquet. Before she shut her eyes, that is. Omygawd...the image of his manhood didn’t dance like sugarplums in her head. No, it towered like a damn chimney.
“Gift-wrapped,” he rasped. “This is definitely a worthy holiday.”
Kaily popped one eye open at his unusual statement. Not to mention the strange lilt to his voice, a masculine sound that reminded her of a Scottish bur.
“Worthy holiday,” she murmured. She should grill him like a steak at a backyard cookout, and shake on the spice rub if he didn’t cooperate. She’d even rehearsed the questions while pretending to be a super-powered lawyer on Boston Legal. But her body hadn’t been tingly deliciously aware of him then, nor naked.
He lowered himself beside her, his virile scent overriding the moth-balled santa suit. Lying down parallel to her with the latent power of a big cat, he propped himself up, dangling the fresh mistletoe above her head.
He’s going to kiss me, she thought. Her senses reeled as if drunk on too much egg nog, while her body tensed in anticipation and panic. It was now or never. “Where are you from?” she whispered, her voice like Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot.
“The North Pole.” He didn’t miss a beat, and his roughened tone rubbed directly on her nipples.
Kaily gave a tiny moan as her head tipped back.
“Let’s see if the magic of mistletoe works?” he growled softly.
“Magic of mistletoe...” God help her, she did want the magic of mistletoe. Who knew he could be so utterly seductive? The only face he’d presented to everyone was one of friendliness and an avid interest in whatever anyone spoke about. She’d never seen him really truly flirt.
“Kaily.” Her name flowed from his lips in a way she’d never heard, thick and warm as honey, yet potent with his sexuality.
“I guess you’re not gay,” she inanely murmured, and immediately wished she hadn’t. Why ruin this moment?
The even strength of his breaths paused. “Gay as in the holiday spirit? Or gay as in a preference for my own gender?”


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Kisses for the red, red Cardinal from the Kougar...

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