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Baby, it's cold outside... Holiday Flash

Good evening, my holiday Big the mood for some egg nog and cheer...well, meow-ha! It’s not here...okay, moi is in a silly roll-with-the-playtoy mood.
Today, for Flash Fiction Sunday at
Liquid Silver SEx blog, Mima was the hostess with the xxx-hot mostest!!! Mima has also received rave reviews for her recent release, Honor Within ~ a beast of a different erotic love story from Liquid Silver Books.

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Part Four ~

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” she whispered. The cold drift of air from the open door shivered her body momentarily. Feeling her nipples pucker and harden, Kaily glanced down. Maybe, he would think she was real glad to see him, since her nipples stood at attention like toy soldiers. Damnit, she hated being cold. But, it wasn’t like she could reach for her down comforter. Heckfire, the tree skirt was nothing more than shimmery white gauze.
Closing the door firmly, he stomped the crust of snow off his santa boots onto the entry rug. He’d cleared his driveway immaculately, but the park where he’d played Santa for the town’s children would have meant tromping through the six inches of snow that had fallen the day before. The drifting fat snowflakes had been a picture perfect scene for a white Christmas. Drinking cocoa, Kaily enjoyed it immensely while plotting out her daring escapade...certainly daring for her.
In the following silence, Kaily swore, it felt like a bowling ball landed on her mid-section. What was he doing? Did he somehow realize she was here? She’d been sneaky enough to walk most of the way as if out for a bracing wake-me-up stroll, which she often did when working on a long art project. Then she’d snuck between several houses, staying in the twilight shadows until she reached his back door. Only after making certain no one’s lights were on, did she make her way to the front door.
She swallowed, her mouth and throat drier than if she’d been wandering lost in the desert. What? Had she left a telltale strand of hair. Or left a mark from her own winter boot...
His steps so quiet, she barely heard them, he finally approached the arched opening into the parlor. Her eyelids squeezed together so hard she knew she couldn’t open them, unless by a Christmas miracle. If it was censure in his gaze, she didn’t want to see it, especially since he was dressed as Santa Clause. Even Nessie had directed him in what books and movies to watch as preparation, so he could portray jolly St. Nick himself.
Oh God, why didn’t he speak? Say ‘get dressed and get out’? Or...
“Is this a holiday tradition I’m not aware of?” The deep timbre of his voice covered her like velvet, but did little to warm her, she was so frightened...much more than she bargained for.
Her eyes popped open as if she’d just received her Christmas miracle. He leaned, not casually, against the archway frame, his arms folded like some damn arrogant king who observed her from afar. It struck her odd in the next instant that he actually expected a real answer to his question.
Where it came from she’d never know...but in the following moment she heard herself croon... “Santa baby, waitin’ just for you.”
Something flashed in his eyes, white-hot as lightning. His gaze covered her body like his voice, making her insides icy fire.
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Baby, it’s cold outside smooch from the Kougar...

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