Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...up the chimney he rose...

Merry Xmas evening, my Big Beautiful Cats. Last Christmas eve was the first one for the Kougar as a blogger...harken, ye kittens, back to a day in yore ~ to the beginning of moi’s first year bloggie...

Christmas Eve Kiss

Curl up by the fireplace with the softly crackling flames, creamy egg nog at the ready, dear Big Kittie Lovers. Santa is on his merry journey, gifts for all of us good kitties in his magic always-filled bag. Rudolph lights the way through fog or snowstorm with his beacon red nose. Yes, the big night of Winter Solstice has arrived, the night of all divine, the time of all Good Angels is here. Whether you're the cat who loves to pounce at Santa's legs or if you merely keep watch and squinch open one eye to glimpse Santa's arrival, all is to be enjoyed on this night of many miracles and wonders.

And, if you haven’t read the Kougar’s naughty version of the Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer, and you have a yen for such Xmas naughtiness, it’s still up at Title Magic.

Now, Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Up the Chimney He Rose...

Part Eighteen ~

“ true love sent to me, twelve drummers drumming.” He smoothed his hand beneath the ribbon around her waist.
“Twelve drummers drumming at midnight?” she asked, unable to resist, just as her palms were unable to resist his magnificently muscled shoulders.
He slid his other hand beneath another band of ribbon on her back, caressing. “Christmas eve, Santa comes down your chimney again.”
“Shapeshifter Santa is already in my chimney.” Enjoying his huge cock, Kaily writhed her hips a bit, while her body melted even more against his. “What happens if you don’t arrive?”
Utter desire, his gaze gleamed. “Given it will be known my vessel was damaged, there will be no bad consequences.”
“Your generous supply of curiosity has given me a superior destiny, little kitten.”
“I’ll keep your secret,” she promised, and meant it more than she’d ever meant anything before.
“We will act like boyfriend and girlfriend,” he stated, as if that were the normal course to take. “Until I engage you in an act of marriage.”
Kaily blinked several times, the fog of being shocked blurring her vision. “Marriage,” she stammered. Her eyes must have crossed, since his face wasn’t in focus. “Don’t you have to go back?” Was that a straw she grabbed at? It must be, since she knew her straw, helping to set up the outdoor nativity scene each year.
“If my vessel repairs itself fully, I will return with you as my bride.”
“Bride.” The word lodged itself in her throat, a lump of gargantuan proportions.
“Yes. Thus, my obligation will be cancelled, and left to another if it has not yet been fulfilled.”
“It will be a visit only, my precious Kaily. I will have lost my right to rule.” He nuzzled into her hair, a sensual pleasure lost to her.
“Oh.” Oh, god, now what? “A King without a kingdom.”
“You are my kingdom.” Suddenly he claimed her butt. “Twelve drummers,” he purred with naughty intent. Lightly his hands drummed on her very well-rounded ass, causing her to slide on his cock.
“Oh!” She reveled in the sensations, despite the more-than-bizarre situation.
“You don’t have more than ten fingers, do you?”
“Ten fingers and two palms,” he triumphed, never missing a beat on her butt.
“Ooooh, that does feel good.” Kaily added oomph, undulating her hips in time with his drumming.
He growled his own lustful appreciation, then caught her lips in a bold kiss that possessed her insides and didn’t let go. She couldn’t refuse him, kissing him as passionately.
Their mouths fused fiercely, he drummed on her jiggling butt while she glided her sheath up and down his eager cock. At least, his long yule log seemed to rise eagerly inside her.
As if a bubble of wildest joy exploded around her, Kaily felt her orgasm take her, ravish her. Grabbing her ass cheeks he loosed her mouth, and pummeled her sheath, his strokes deliberate, ferocious.
Lunging deep, he savagely growled, “Up the chimney he rose.”

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Christmas eve smooch from the Kougar...


Lindsay Townsend said...

This whole Santa Series is brilliant and lusty! I like the kittie -kat pic too!
Blessings to you, Savanna, and to all your readers. Hope you all have a fantastic holiday!

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, New Year's blessings to you and everyone you love!

And on behalf of Kaily and Dillon, thank you for enjoying their lust story.