Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Baby... Part Three ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Part Three ~

Hearing another car pull up behind him, Kaily shrieked inside. Oh no! Her heart on speed dial she moved as fast as the ribbon’s constriction would allow, then plucked the drape aside, just enough to peek out the side window. Oh, that so figured. Barbie Nelson, dressed in her skimpy elf’s costume had him held hostage against the roadster’s door. A plate of her holiday banana bread pressed into the white fur trim of his santa suit. She was probably envisioning his hard-muscled stomach as she blabbed doubt inviting herself in for a taste of him. Omygawd...I need a place to hide if Barbie makes it inside. Where? Twisting around, she glanced around the front parlor. Damn, the only place was behind the Christmas tree, itself...and knowing her, she’d knock it over, then be standing their in the buff, gift-wrapped, in front of them both with the exquisitely decorated tree in shambles. She would have tried for another room, but he’d probably catch her as he came in, since she’d have to go through the hallway.
Trapped, Kaily shivered, peering outside again. Barbie still babbled, her face practically beneath his. Given she was a petite thing, her neck was practically at a right angle. But then, if Barbie did keep up the flirtatious chatter, maybe she could sneak inside another room...oops, too late. Dillon took hold of the plate, and made a strong move to escape, simultaneously lowering his fake beard. He gentlemanly lifted her hand to his lips and pecked a kiss. Whatever he said to her must have worked. Barbie tittered, then sashayed away. He waited until she had started her engine and pulled away before heading for the door.
Her heart threatening to leap out of her chest and her palms sweating suddenly, Kaily toddled toward the illumined tree. The faux candle flames provided a mellow golden radiance as she struggled to lie down, then arrange herself in what she hoped was seductive pose. Feeling the bow between her breasts, she grabbed at it, her nerves skittering crazily. Not really thinking, she planted it over her pussy...maybe it was her subconscious’s last ditch effort at decency...but then, maybe he would bypass the parlor, go into another room, head up the stairs. And she would be stuck down here trying to figure out a way to leave. Omygawd, oh no, had she forgotten to lock the door...maybe he would think a burglar had robbed the place...although, that was such a rarity, no one could recall when it had last occurred.
His footsteps bounded upward toward the door, as if he were impatient to get inside. Kaily’s rapid breaths stuck in her throat. Omygawd...omygawd, what was she doing?
And too bad she couldn’t say something whispery sexy like Marilyn Monroe...Happy Holidays, Mr. Santa Claus...give him that pouty look of you see anything under the tree you want to unwrap?
The door swung open. He entered...

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Big Holiday smooch from the Kougar...

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