Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Passion of Four Calling Birds...

Good very early morning, my Holiday Kittens. The Kougar got a late start today, but did get some much needed rest during this day of frigid nasty temps.
First, my Big Cats, moi’s serial flashes ~ Cruelty... Flash of the Caribbean Vampire & Blocking My Sun ~ will return after the holiday season.
Second, congrats to all the winners of the Midnight Seduction’s Endless Romance contest...not moi and meow-to be expected. Huge long roar to everyone who voted for WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS...thank you so, so much!!!
If you’re in a feline mood to know this week’s forecast ~

Volcano’s Angelic Forecast

Angelic Forecast ~ XV

“O the weather is frightful, inside your bubble sphere is so delightful,” I say to the heavenly one, as we gaze at the slash of icy pellets with tiny snowflakes interspersed.
“Yes, weather wars are partly responsible,” he states seriously.
I sigh long and deep. “Yes, these days who knows what’s real weather and what has been manipulated.”
“In the long run of time, it will work against them. Those who are responsible. So it has been written by the Divine of Divines.”
“I hope so,” I murmur, wishing things were different, better for all us on planet Earth.
“You will notice as the magical date of Christmas approaches, the light will gradually increase in the skies.”

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~
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Now, just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Four calling birds...

Part Nine ~

Omygawd...yes, yes, yes! Her mind answered before she could think anything else. Her breasts still throbbed with pleasure, and her pussy hummed a lovely ecstasy.
“Yes, Santa,” she replied like a good little girl on his list. How he’d known when to let go of her ‘three hens’, her nipples and her clit, so she could fully come, Kaily didn’t know. But she was deliriously *who needs a hot toddy* happy. And it had her wondering how good he really was in bed.
Noticing the tickle of mistletoe leaves beneath her shoulder, she wiggled. Instantly he reached over her retrieving it, surprising her with the passion igniting his gaze, because it wasn’t merely lust. It wasn’t only about his cock screwing her pussy. A puff of breath escaped her lips at the realization, and panic nipped at her insides like the cold nipped at her nose. “I don’t really know you...” she began, letting her voice and her nerve trail away.
“You don’t know me as you know your friends and neighbors.” He slipped one finger beneath the ribbon wrapped around her waist. “A part of you knows me, Kaily.” The tip of his finger teased her skin, sliding beneath the ribbon slowly.
“Where are you from?” she whispered, wanting only to close her eyes and savor the sensual skim of his finger. Wanting what she knew he wanted to do to her.
“I’m from several stars away, my Kaily.”
“Stars.” Her eyes popped open like the popped corn she strung for the tree. “Did you say ‘stars’?” Her breath deserted her.
He moved over her, his lips a tantalizing inch away. “Stars,” he repeated, then covered her mouth with his.
His kiss immobilized her, sending her whirling into a sensory realm that made her feel luxurious with passion. Restricted by the ribbon, she managed to grip his upper arms. The feel of velvet over his lean amazing strength had her flattening herself against him, only to be stopped by the bands of fur on his santa suit. But nothing could disguise the yule log his cock had become.
Ending their kiss, he delectably nibbled on the corner of her mouth. “Kaily, open for me.” Lifting his body a few inches from hers, he caressed down her belly, stroking his hand over her mound. As she widened her thighs as far as the ribbon would allow, he purred, “On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, four calling birds.”
Before she could blink, she felt him straddle her thighs, then free his cock. The bold head of his partridge struck against her clit. “Oooooh, Santa, what a big boy you are.”
“One bird,” he growled. His hands captured her breasts, holding and manipulating in a manner that made her utterly pliant with the pleasure. “Two birds.” Lowering his face above hers, he rasped, “Your lips are calling, my beautiful gift.” Seizing her mouth, he locked their lips with a sumptuous unending kiss, and strongly rocked his cockhead.

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Very early morning smooch from the Kougar...

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