Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night of Twelve Drummers Drumming...

What the Kougaress would wear if she was going *Holiday partying* tonight...
Big Kittens...the terrible chill has lifted, for now, on the tame prairie. And the Kougar is recovering from being under the weather...sniffle...
May you all be snuggy warm and truly blessed on this day before Christmas...
Guess *tail-twitching* what? Looking for a cover art font, moi discovered the BookStrand ad in Romantic Times magazine...and there was the cover of When a Good Angel Falls, in the midst of, and along with all of the outstanding authors’ book covers. Meow-wow and pow! What a lovely giftie for this Kougar girl...check out page #117 of the January 2009 issue.
Also, tomorrow, the Kougar will be blogging at Title Magic...find out about a naughty version of Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer...

Now, Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Twelve Drummers Drumming...

Part Seventeen ~

Who was this man...this shapeshifter...this alien from the stars? The questions struggled against the staggering blissful drunk her mind had become.
“Dillon.” She heard her voice reach out to him, even though he could tell her anything he wanted. How would she know?
“Kaily.” His rough, but gentle purr covered her skin. Slipping his palms over her waist, he stroked over her breasts, then caressed the swells. Omygawd, what was he...her dream lover come to life?
She pried one eye open, and gazed at his strong taut groin. “Eleven pipers piping...gonna pipe me, with that pipe?”
“Your wish, my woman,” he growled softly. “One.” He seized her breasts, then lunged.
She moaned with the torrid pleasure, the rapture already simmering through her sheath and igniting her pussy mound.
“Two,” he growled savagely.
She gripped his forearms, luxuriating in the feel of his hands as a blaze of ecstasy shot up her belly.
The immense weight and size of his cock lit her up like a bonfire.
As he plowed his manhood deep inside her, she whimpered, and dug her nails into him.
“Five,” he roared. With primitive strength, he thrust inside her six more times.
Her orgasm flared into an inferno of rapture throughout her flesh, and Kaily felt him strike deep, then squeeze her breasts into cones. Groaning her name, he raised up, rigid with his orgasm.
Long moments later, he languidly rolled her on top of him, his embrace heaven.
“God, can your lord leap,” she praised, letting herself snuggle against his chest.
“Then, my pipe is pleasing. And remains pleasing in you.” She opened her eyes meeting his dark golden eyes.
He looked so smug, she muttered drily, “You’re not an actual lord, are you?”
His grin could have eaten a canary. “No, my beautiful gift, I am not a lord as you mean it.”
She waited a breath or two before asking, “What are you?” Her heart tripped rapidly, suddenly, as if some part of her knew.
“On my world I would be considered a King.”
Despite his sumptuous molding of her butt, her eyes flew open, and straight into the amused brilliance of his. Her heart pounded like a damn hammer. “What? The King of Beasts?” The silly words burst out the instant they appeared before her mind’s eye.
“The King of Vhayquexia. One of thirty realms.”
Nothing made sense anymore. She merely gaped at him, still as a mouse hiding from a stalking cat.
“There is no urgency. I am certain my brother enjoys ruling in my absence.”
“I’m sure I don’t understand,” she hesitantly whispered.
“I traveled to meet a bride I did not wish to marry.”
“A princess?” Kaily blinked, feeling like she lived in a fairytale.
“A ferocious and particularly vicious princess with claws like scorpions.”
“Why?” She had to know.
“As firstborn it was my obligation to fulfill the treaty. Even though I objected.” His gaze turned to smoke. “On the twelfth day of Christmas...”

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Twelve tiny kisses from the Kougar...

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