Saturday, December 20, 2008

Smiling for the Holidays

Greetings, Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar is smiling wide from all your if she just consumed the proverbial canary. A kitty yowl of great big thanks to everyone, and may you all your holiday wishes come true, whether they involve sexy Santas, or not.
Tomorrow moi will announce the winner who will receive their choice from her published ebooks, or from the two to be released.
Nina Pierce will announce the Grand Giveaway winner on her bloggie tomorrow morning, around which time this night owl KitKat will not be awake...
Good Purring Luck to everyone.
If you’re not too tuckered out from shopping and other holiday activities...or if you just want a break...remember!
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Saturday, the 20th and on Sunday, the 21st its...ta-da! It’s the
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Now, Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Eight Maids A-Milking...

Part Thirteen ~

With a powerful gliding rhythm he claimed her sheath. He claimed her passions. And he claimed her. All while his hands possessed hers and his legs possessed hers. Omygawd, her breasts swelled with ecstasy as his chest moved boldly on top of them.
His seizing relentless kiss enhanced every sensation flooding her body. God, she swam in raging waves of bliss.
What was his name? If he was ‘from the stars’?
The thought slipped in and out of her awareness. Her curiosity and her sense of self-preservation wanted to assert itself. Instead her loins burned beautifully, a slow molten build toward her orgasm. The glorious strength of his cock took her over and over again, and so magnificently she could hardly believe it was real.
Hadn’t she dreamed of this? A man who could truly take her, not just ‘fuck’ her senseless. But then, the few men she’d been with, most of them couldn’t even fuck worth a foolishly wasted damn.
Surrendering, she flowed her body with his and savored his stamina. God help her, the tip of his cock possessed the core of her femininity with each long forceful stroke inside her sheath. Part of her wanted to cling to him forever. To know his magnificent strength between her thighs the way she would if she did belong to him.
Belong to him, the phrase sang through her mind as her orgasm began inside her sheath, then ebbed rapturously throughout her flesh. She drowned until her body dissolved, and finally disappeared, and she soared into whiteness.
His rough velvet voice worshiped her first. Then he growled his orgasm, the sound rose to a roar, and she nearly jumped out of her skin...except she had no desire to move, not even her little finger. She languished in bliss.
Releasing her hands, he placed his palms on either side of her and shot upwards like a great lion. He roared again. His short thick mane, shades darker than his brandy eyes, waved as if he had been born free, and shone like burnished gold in the tree’s illumination. Through her hooded gaze, she watched him toss his hair again, then slowly descend to her.
His eyes blazed strangely, reminding her. "Your name...what is your name?"
Her languid soft voice sounded more like an invitation than a question.
Obviously pleased, he smiled, an upwards turn of his lips. "Dillon is the first sound of my name."
"I couldn’t pronounce it," she guessed, and searched his eyes.
"Not yet." Leaning on his elbows, he caressed his fingers through her hair, then captured her head. "On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, eight maids a-milking."
She shuddered inside violently...from the euphoria of anticipation, and from fear. What more was he going to do to her?
"If we were in my world." His tone tantalized her. "I would place golden rings on your thumbs now. Then I would lift your hand close to my lips."

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A Maid’s swan-elegant kiss from the Kougar...

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