Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Baby ~ Eleven Pipers Piping...

Not quite as frigid on the tame prairie, my Big Holiday Cats, though the Kougar has some kind of icky malady, which she is yowling-blaming on the icy temps.
Good thing moi has her not-so-big Christmas preparations done.

Yay and a happily swishing tail! Cathy MacDonald has won one of the Kougar’s ebooks by entering the contest at The Romance Studio’s Twelve Days of Holiday Cheer.

Now, Just for the Big Cool Cats ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Eleven Pipers Piping...

Part Sixteen ~

“On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, Ten Lords a-leaping,” she whispered, enthralled with him. She flowed her fingers over the strong column of his neck, then caressed beneath his wealth of hair. He remained like a sphinx above her.
Good lord, what was his prowess with a partridge? His cock had not lost any size whatsoever, that she could feel. Her fingers halted, grazed over what felt like a small patch of fur on his shoulder, near his neck. Fur?! She brushed her finger pads back and forth. Fur?
Not hair as in a hairy back. This felt like plush-pile silky fur. Her heart skipped a beat. Her breath clutched at her throat. Comparing him to a lion, his carriage and power, was one matter. Having fur was a WHOLE other matter. Her eyebrows shot up. How furry was he?
“Fur,” she murmured, slipping her fingers along the edge of the patch. Her stomach clenched with astonishment.
“Kaily.” Gradually, he lowered himself, his gaze unnaturally luminous, as if his eyes glowed in the dark.
Her hands remained on his shoulders, and she wondered why fear didn’t grab her and shake her like a ragdoll. “Fur?”
When his features tensed and his eyes flickered brightly, then darkened, she quaked inside. His thumbs gently stroked her temples.
“I am what you might call a shapeshifter.”
Everything inside her lurched...where to she had no idea. Shapeshifter, the word pushed against her lips, but wouldn’t pass through. She knew by the way she stared, her pupils must be dilated to the size of dinner plates.
“It will pose no real problem between us,” he rumbled, his tone utter reassurance.
“No real problem,” she choked out, then noticed her nails were biting into his shoulders. He seemed impervious.
“Let me show you.” He purred exactly like a human male, who was about to use the point of his cock to make a point.
The rest of her words failed to launch. He caressed his palms from her head, rising upwards. Straddling her thighs, he possessively swept his hands down to her hips. After leisurely stroking , he gripped her butt. “One,” he promised, then placed both knees inside her thighs.
Every question she had... lined up like racehorses on Derby day...froze on her lips as if they cuddled up to an iceberg.
He withdrew his cock, then pumped inside her, primitive and fierce.
Kaily screamed silently with utter appreciation and pleasure.
“Two,” he growled, his eyes all aglow.
Oh God, he rocked her with the force of his thrusts, counting out each one. Delirium seized her mind, making it mushy bliss.
“Ten.” He did not fail to launch, jolting her into an orgasm that sent her reeling through time and space...even though she could still hear his primal groan, his roar of triumph.
Falling back through the portal, she felt his lazy strokes on her hips and butt.
“Eleven pipers piping,” he rasped like a beast.

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Eleven Santa Baby kisses from the Kougar...

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