Thursday, December 18, 2008

American Title V & Six Geese A-Laying...

Still unthawing cold with a thin ragged blanket of snow on the Kougar’s tame prairie, my Big Beautiful Cats.
Friday will be the beginning of a monster posting party weekend for this Big Cat Authoress. On Friday the ALPHA HERO AND THEIR AUTHORS at ~ ~ is having a holiday bash. On FALLEN ANGELS REVIEW Loop it’s Aspen Mountain Press day on Friday. Then on Saturday it’s Siren-BookStrand authors’ day.
PLUS!!! Saturday, the 20th and on Sunday, the 21st its...ta-da! The
*** Siren-Bookstrand Christmas Party *** at ~ ~

Since moi has no actual Christmas day scenes to share, she is contemplating writing a seasonal vignette for each of her Siren-BookStrand books... although... well, meow, there is the naughty *rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer* scene between Sedona and Volcano in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS...hmmm-purr...

Big KitKats, this was posted by Evonne Wareham at Title Magic. If you haven’t checked out this round of entries yet, take a stroll on over, and vote for your fave ~

American Title V ~ Round Two

yes - it’s time to vote again. Already round two is here.

This time you get to choose your favourite description of the hero and heroine.

Check out the contest at the Romantic Times site or go direct to ~

Voting is from 15 to 28 December

Please take some time from your busy Xmas schedule to take a look and to vote. It’s the easiest Xmas present you’ll give anyone this year.

Of course if the words ***NEVER COMING HOME *** should float through your mind when your fingers are hovering over that keyboard...

And this was one of the season greetings from The Romance Studio’s Twelve Days of Holiday Cheer ~ which the Kougar found completely cool ~

Minnette Meador
May your muse leave you breathless. May your pen flow with fire. May your words rise to spark the soul. May your heart never tire.

Happy holidays from my family to yours!
Minnette Meador ~

Just for the Big Cool Holiday Kitties ~


Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Six Geese A-Laying...

Part Eleven ~

Her lips numb as if she’d just been smacked by a snowball, she murmured, “You have got to be kidding.”
“Where I come from it is tradition.”
He’d stressed ‘come from’ as the heel of his hand stroked down her mound, pressing least, one part of her was tingly-happy.
“Tradition,” she choked out. “What kind of tradition is that?” And where do you come from, mystery man?
He gently squeezed her mound, making it swoon helplessly for him. “It is a tradition of pleasure between a man and his woman.”
His woman! And what the heckfire kind of pleasure??? Did she dare ask him? Kaily unthawed inside, but it wasn’t a good heat twisting up her middle. “What world would have that tradition?”
“A world dissimilar and similar to yours.” He drew his hand away. Lithely rising to a sitting position, he removed his santa jacket.
Kaily quivered with the anticipation of seeing him naked. Actually, it was probably sheer lust. Yet, she was also afraid. Sucking in a big fat breath, she asked, “What world?”
“My home world, beautiful Kaily.”
A brisk winter wind blew through her, she could have sworn to it. “As in a world far, far away?”
“Far away, yes.” He paused, undoing the waistband of his santa pants. “My travel vessel was damaged. Earth was the nearest planet viable to my physiology.”
“Omygawd.” She didn’t doubt what he’d told her. Why, she wasn’t exactly certain. Except... “Is that how you actually look?”
He gave her a mischievous grin. “Most of the time.”
“What the hell does that mean?” He didn’t answer, taking off his boots instead.
Stunned down to every particle of her being, Kaily watched him slide the pants down in one easy movement that left her panting. His outside physiology was golden and muscle-gorgeous. Okay, he still had a pair of silly candy cane boxers on. “Omygawd,” she whispered as he faced her.
The fact that his cock looked like a rocket ship ready to launch beneath his boxers, while extremely impressive, paled in comparison to what she’d finally found far.
“On the sixth day of Christmas,” he crooned. His eyes darkened to smoky brandy.
“Six geese a-laying,” she breathed out.
“My true love sent to me,” he deeply purred.
“What are you going to do to me?” Common sense told her she should unwrap the ribbon and make a hasty exit. But, no, she wasn’t going to do that. Watching him shove down his boxers, she thrummed with fiery excitement.
“Kaily.” He moved above her, straddling her with the latent power of a lion. “Give me your palms.”
Ridiculously obedient, she placed her hands beneath his, and he clasped them warmly while lowering his body on top of her. “Hands, two geese,” he rasped. “My chest, three.” He settled his cock in the cradle of her thighs, his legs wrapping hers. God, his body felt like masculine heaven. “My legs, five.”
Smooth and hard, he thrust inside her. “Six.

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Six holidays smooches from the Kougar....

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