Sunday, December 28, 2008

Purple Squirrel & Happy New Year... Part 2 ~

Good evening, my Extraordinary Big Cats, yesterday the warm sultry breezes of tornado season took over tame prairie, shooting the temps up to 65 degrees. Today, winter’s chill has won the battle with temps in the lower twenties and a snow flurry in progress.
Okay, adorable is a purple squirrel? And how mysterious, since no one seems to have a definitive answer as to his quite lovely purple coat. For the article see below ~

Teachers and pupils at Meoncross School in Stubbington, Hants, were amazed when they saw the creature through the window during a lesson.
Since the squirrel, now nicknamed Pete, was first seen, it has become a regular fixture at the school but no one has been able to say whether the animal has fallen into purple paint, had a run-in with some purple dye, or whether there is another explanation.
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ROMANCING THE NOVEL... ~ ~ you should see the exquisite slide presentation Bekki created for our covers! Here’s a list of all us authors, who love man/woman romance ~

*** Happily Ever After Authors ***

Bekki Lynn
Francesca Prescott
Jane Richarson
Jennifer Turner
Koko Brown
Lee Silver
Lindsay Townsend
Savanna Kougar


Happy New Year... on another Earth

Serial Flash in Two Hundreg ~
FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Part 2 ~

Sylva flipped a smile at her reflection. Stepping back to see herself more fully, she thrust her hip, accentuating the sassiness of her short satin and tule-layered skirt. “Adorably sexy,” she complimented herself. Okay, her thighs were full unlike the stick figure models that had successfully invaded the fashion world. Her calves were shapely, what used to be considered starlet-sexy...especially since she wore spectacular ankle-strap black heels, along with a pair of old-fashioned seamed hose. Tonight, she would strut her stuff with the best of them. Tomorrow, no more job. She was one more victim of the current economy.

Zeke strapped on his pearl-handled revolver. He’d cleaned and oiled it earlier, then made certain it fired properly, shooting several pennies out of the air. Since they’d become non-legal tender eleven years past, he figured that was a damn good use. Leaning down, he slid a dead-aim derringer, one of his grandfather’s designs, inside his fancified riding boot. Decorated with swirls of gold thread and engraved with the ranch’s crest, his new boots were a show of his hard-won status as the Overseer of their horse operations, from breeding to sales. Yep, it was time to settle on one woman.

Part 1 ~ see Happy New Year... on another Earth

May your most romantic dreams come true...

Happy purple-lipstick kiss from the Kougar...

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