Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Practical and Impractical Gifts...

So, my Holiday KitKats, what’s your list?
Enjoy the pic of the Noelle Holiday Horse from Breyer.

Thirteen practical gifts the Kougar wishes Santa would bring her for Christmas...

1 ~ water purification system
2 ~ the new systems that take water out of the air and purify it
3 ~ solar energy system
4 ~ alcohol still for fuel and fun
5 ~ an old-fashioned wind mill
6 ~ sewing machines, including a treadle
7 ~ a basement
8 ~ a green house and solarium
9 ~ a working fireplace
10 ~ infra red heaters
11 ~ organic bedding
12 ~ lots of viable heirloom seeds
13 ~ fenced in pastures

Thirteen impractical gifts the Kougar wishes Santa would bring her for Christmas... other than the heroes in her novels ...

1 ~ a small herd of horses, her favorite breeds
2 ~ a small herd of donkeys, some of them cream colored
3 ~ gift certificates for every type of healing massage out there
4 ~ every kind of organic chocolate and cocoa
5 ~ wines that taste like sunrise and sunset, and ice wines
6 ~ cheeses, the really good expensive stuff
7 ~ organic tropical fruits
8 ~ a rejuvenation booth imported from another world
9 ~ a flying car
10 ~ a freezer full of organic whole cream ice cream
11~ a caribbean island with a wonderful beach
12 ~ a malt shoppe/ice cream parlor
13 ~ a re-creation ballroom and dance like in Gone With the Wind

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ from the Kougar’s WIP ~ Stallion of Ash and Flame ~

“Then you found the amulets.”
She nodded, her gaze on the colorful rug. “I’d gone in to check on the coins, take a couple of the silver ones,” she whispered. “I heard this strange sound.” She raised her head, remembering. “Why I didn’t run out I’m not certain. It was this eerie rustling wind type of sound. I’ll never forget it. Then I thought I saw the shadow of an animal running inward. Not a big one, smaller than Luke and Spook, and like a dog. Of course, I thought coyote, maybe even a wolf. Or a wild dog. Then this howl...mournful, like it needed help. So, like a fool, I followed, creeping along...then this amazing cavern.”
She paused, glancing at him, her eye haunted and wondrous at the same time. “I don’t think it’s natural. There’s even this odd illumination. It’s not large, no larger than the living room. But there are stone altars with artifacts.”
“Why take the amulets?”
“That’s the really paranormal part. The dog, actually it looked like a jackal, appeared, then trotted toward one of the lower altars. He sat down, then looked alertly. When I finally moved toward him, he vanished...just vanished. The three amulets were laying there. I...I took it as a sign...a good sign. And I took them. I suppose,” she mused. “It was like the trickster. Or it was the trickster. Yep, I got tricked. Definitely.”
“Maybe not,” he murmured.
“Medicine man knowledge?” she asked, hope flickering beneath her depressed tone.
He nodded. “Let me think about it.” But he didn’t need to, he knew. The amulets were being used as bait by Spirits who wanted an evil exposed and stopped. And they had been chosen.

Gift-wishing smooches from the Kougar...

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