Monday, April 6, 2009

X-Flash, the Stuff of Fantasy Dreams

What happened to Spring, my Gorgeous Big Cats? Cold blustery winds roared across the tame prairie. Yet, still, the remaining daffodils buds are blooming bravely and brightly.

Today over at the Liquid Silver SEx blog, Gem Sivad, author of INTIMATE STRANGERS, held court, and what a Flash-ing court it was. Be prepared if you venture over for wild and wicked fantasy dreams... psssst, you might want to read them in bed.

Here’s the Kougar’s X-FLASH ~

Land of the Wolf Men

I lay in the total darkness, on my soft large bed and feel as if misery seeps from my very pores. The man I loved... dare I call him a man now? No, I will not. The deceitful male, with the courage of a toddler, who I yielded my sweetest, most caring heart to ~ has betrayed me with another. I do not know her name. I care not to know. For, it is not she who betrays my trusting heart? It was not her I loved. I loved so foolishly, I see from the unfortunate vantage point of unrelenting pain.
I stare into the darkness, then search for shadows because I cannot sleep. There are none. The moon wears a black gown this night, and I have lit not one candle. For, the lovely flame and halo of light brings me no solace. Briefly, I turn on my side. For some comfort, I have strewn lavender blossoms and rose petals upon my pillows. Weakly I brush my hand over some of them, their fragrances pleasing me. Time, it cannot pass swiftly enough. I would rid myself of this unbearable ache I drown in. I breathe, yet I do not live.
Flat on my back again, I wonder if I will ever own the will to move my body again. The past three days, my vitality has deserted me. I sit mostly, performing only those tasks I must. A cough syrup for little Addie. A poultice for farmer Trillon. An ease of Bethra’s pregnancy with an herbal tea. My desperate thoughts cease. An odor has overpowered my bedroom, despite the abundant fragrance of drying herbs and flowers. I recognize it instantly. He has caught my woman’s scent, a Wolf Man. A savage race of Changeling. He lurks close to my window.
My heart thumps wildly, threatening to escape my chest. He has not come as a slavering wolf to feed on my flesh. He would smell bestial. Instead he reeks of musk and darkest heat. I know he remains near the window, watching and waiting for my signal of acceptance. There is no lessening of his mating odor. I don’t think. I act, winging my naked thighs apart. I clench my thick bed covering as if it could save me from the fate I have now silently decreed for myself. I hear him not as he mist-slides inside my forest cottage.
I know he will come to me only in his human form. Nothing else is allowed by the code of his kind. Unless we were to become lovers, joining in passion often. I tremble as he allows me to hear his tread. Suddenly he looms before me. I see little of him, only the powerful sleek outline of his torso and his upper arms. I know the rules too. I cannot move. His thrusts inside me will move my body. He will take what he wants, the carnal pleasure of my body, for as long as his ferocious lust demands.
Lastly, he will drink my orgasm as if it is the blood of his prey, and leave. He leans over, covering my hands with his. He has huge strong hands, yet they feel beautiful. I cannot see his face as he brings my hands to my thighs, placing them so I can hold myself open for him. The deep darkness hides him. He utters no words. Still, I feel possessed by his desire for me. The magnificent turbulence of his barbaric need drips my womanhood, and makes my clit ache. My breath heaves, fast and uneven. My breasts are wanton.
He arches over me, planting his fists on either side of my head. His eyes brilliantly flare, golden amber strikes of color into my soul. He lunges, his cock impaling me to the very core. I do not scream. My body screams, stunned and ecstatic. And wanting. Wanting beyond any lust I have ever known. As if he would own me completely, he drives his thick brutal shaft inside my woman’s sheath, a ravenous assault I adore like a slut wench. We don’t touch. It is only his cock ravaging me as I’ve always desired. Relentless and hard, he lances me.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 99 ~

Sylva hoped her entry into the social life of this Earth would go more smoothly than had already occurred. Still, her cowboy husband had been right there, caring for her. “Cherry Splash is one third wine, a third sparkling water, then whatever cherry flavors you choose,” Zeke answered. “Black cherry, bing cherry, tart cherry,” he teased. “There’s a whole dang list of cherry varieties.” Sylva laughed. “Do you have a favorite?” she asked. “Does he have a favorite?” Roy spoke up. “A shot of blackgold whiskey mixed with black cherry.” Sylva’s cheeks flushed, remembering the Ladies’ sipping wine. Patriarchal prejudice?

Zeke took up his Sylva’s small hand, fondling gently. “No whiskey this time, Roy, my friend. I want to concentrate on my dancin’ steps. How about some of that fancy root beer you brew up? I’ll bet my bride will have a hankerin’ after just one taste.” Roy halted, grandly gesturing. “Here we are. One of my finest private booths for the honeymoonin’ couple. No whiskey?” His eyebrows hit the roof. “That has to be a first, ole’ son. Sure enough, I’ll send over my licorice-infused root beer. Most of the ladies favor it.” He gave Sylva a sparkly-eyed smile, winking.
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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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Hi Nancy/Betty, thanks for letting me know. It feels good to know.