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Travel Flash to Mars

Good evening, my gorgeous Big Kittens, the Kougar’s head is spinning not in a good way right now. So...
Today, romance author, Jeanne Barrack, hosted Flash Fiction Sunday at the
Liquid Silver SEx blog ~ her theme was flash-ing about a place you’d love to visit yet have never been able to visit. Jeanne made the mistake of mentioning Mars...
Here’s moi’s flashie ~

Mars, I’ve always wanted to travel to the red planet, Earth’s next-door neighbor in our solar system. We were taught Mars was a desolate barren planet with no atmosphere and no water. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I know that now. There are vast remnants of ancient civilizations, a grandeur not known here on Earth, yet also known because many of these civilizations were built by those who created the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx of ancient Egypt. Many of the structures resemble the Mayan civilization. How do I know this? I have been given the royal tour.

Or so I am told. Who is to know for certain? Except that I am being treated as if I am a long lost cherished daughter by four tall red-skinned men, one of three races on Mars. They speak a formal version of english in fluid low-tones. Although they tell me it is really a translation by a frequency-generating device. My only complaint so far, most every civilized building is underground because of the sun’s intensity. The atmosphere is thinner with less ability to filter out harmful rays. Don’t get me wrong, my accommodations are lovely, functional and delightfully cool.

Still, claustrophobia wants to rear up inside me at times, despite the enormous wrap-around panel that looks like a window, and displays the splendid vista of an indigo-tinted mountain range. I have even been given the companionship of three cats... well, they don’t look like Earth cats. One looks like a miniature lioness, only her coat is a deep charcoal color. The tallest cat is a bit unnerving because he gazes at me with gorgeously faceted amber eyes, that appear to read my mind. He is instantly beside me, inviting my hand whenever I feel lonely or out of place.

Pettro, as he is called looks similar to a cheetah, only his coloring is a deep shade of antique gold and the shape of his face is more panther-like. The third cat is the size of a pitbull. I believe Chirzon, as she is called is much stronger, though. Certainly her fangs remind me of an artist’s rendering of a saber-toothed tiger. Her body is compact and all muscle. Her russet-colored fur is exceptionally dense, feeling odd beneath my petting hand. I am told she is my Guard. She never lets me sleep alone, yowling until I let her in.

Even though I have been on Mars for six days now, it feels longer in a good way. I am surprised at all the greenery I see. A lot of the vegetation reminds me of variations on the jade plant. There are palm trees, however they look radically different, their coloring a pale yellow-green and their trunks are a strange elongated spiral. Tomorrow... I have to tamp down my excitement... I am to be shown one of the ancient Sphinx statues. They were used as libraries, for community celebrations and trade fairs. Also as local meeting places for political events.

Tonight, I am to meet a king of sorts. Probably he is more comparable to a state governor as I understand it. The system of government here is different in ways I don’t fathom yet. All I know is that, overall, the people seem content where I am. One of my guides, Oberius, the tallest of the red-skinned men, explained there was rioting in the northeast quadrant of the Hyberiun realm over unfair distribution of food. As I have learned there are three major realms and two much smaller realms. All operate independently yet are part of one over-arching federation.

The clothing on Mars varies phenomenally in style and how much covers the body. I am not certain I can describe it adequately, since so many of the garments look like nothing on Earth, the exception being ancient Egyptian styles. Some resemble the costumes of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Some of the most beautiful look like the art nouveau revival of Cleopatra’s gowns. Blue is a popular color here, with every shade represented except the muted or grayish colors. For tonight’s dinner with King Zorphyris I have been given a completely luscious gown of deep glistening azure trimmed in gold.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 113 ~

Sylva’s breath rushed out of her open mouth, along with those around her, as the loop made it over Merlinda’s head. “Oh, no!” a woman close to her loudly whispered. “Oh, no?” Sylva asked Royce without turning her head. “The loop isn’t going to settle around her shoulders,” he privately replied. Sylva chilled inside, then heated like a furnace. She wasn’t certain exactly what that meant, except it obviously wasn’t good. If the rope wasn’t around her shoulders did that mean Merlinda wasn’t claimed as Barnabas’s bride? Or did it mean Merlinda could toss the rope off and it wouldn’t count? Or...

Zeke did the only thing he could in that split second, he shot his finger toward the lariat and with one flick of his finger he brought the loop down around Merlinda’s shoulders. Stunned beyond any sound, Merlinda’s orb-huge eyes stared at him. Zeke stepped back several feet to watch the show and stay out of the way. Not being one to squander his fateful opportunity, Barnabas tightened the loop, capturing himself a wife. Keeping the rope taut, he warily approached. “Turn around and meet your husband,” he boldly rumbled. Merlinda spun like a warriorress, her whip hand raising swiftly.
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No! Internet Two... Resistance is victory...

Happy Aquarian Age
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Martian Travel smooch from the Kougar...

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