Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blue Cat Mystery... ?

Wanna know a secret, my Sassy Kittens... but shush-rumbling, you can’t tell anyone. The Kougar had an odd happening the fateful day she went shopping on Wednesday... not that, that is so unusual... but, this one is a strange-meow mystery to this Kitten girl.
Up ahead was what looked like a furry domestic dark-colored cat crossing the gravel road from one pasture area to another... at least, the animal was the size of a kitty cat and moved like a feline.
Since moi was in no danger of hitting road-crossing kitty, she kept her same speed with one foot hovering over the brake. Furry kitty moved into a patch of tall grass at the base of a spindly tree that sits above the ditch... well, when this Kougaress passed she glanced over to get a glimpse of the cat, the only thing moi saw was a bright cobalt shade of blue which disappeared... no damn kidding... what was that?
The large flash of blue color was too big to be a bird like a Bluejay with the sun striking its feathers just right...
Was it one of those neon *see-in-the-dark* genetically modified cats?
Sadly, the Kougar was so loopy out of energy today, she didn’t participate in the Fallen Angels Review loop chat with her Siren-BookStrand buddies... only posting near midnight.

Today, my loveliest felines, there was a question about naming characters on the
Joyfully Reviewed chat loop ~
Below is the moi’s mew-sings...

From the moment I understood what a name was as a kid, names have seemed incredibly important to me.
I take a great deal of care choosing names for my heroines and heroes, and other characters. At times, the name simply pops or flows. At other times, I do a full out search for just the right name.
I think one of the reasons the right names is essential to a character is because everything has a frequency. We are frequencies and are influenced and shaped by frequencies. A name, of course, can create a mood, an idea of the who the character is, or a facet of their personality... consider the name, Lolita.
I discovered as a young teenager I loved words and I loved naming things... people, pets, titles of books, poetry and places...

I can understand the reluctance to read the same name in an erotic romance as your son... sometimes, I have to make that mental leap away from a name that is a negative reminder of something I've experienced.
And, I confess, if the name doesn't fit the main characters I'll have to mentally change them.

This is a fascinating topic which could go on forever... just as names go on forever in some form or fashion.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 112 ~

Sylva automatically covered her ears while watching Barnabas stealthily move closer and raise his lariat. Obviously, he would have to lasso her from behind to be spared an agonizing strike from Merlinda’s whip. Far as Sylva could tell everyone in the immense room was glued to the unfolding drama. Silence reigned except for Merlinda’s exceptionally impressive scream. “One hell of a set of lungs,” Sylva whispered to herself. Once the sound faded, she lowered her hands, and inanely wondered if Zeke’s ears were ringing. He hadn’t moved. As Barnabas halted, slowly swinging the loop, a collective intake of breath occurred.

Zeke knew Barnabas was close and preparing to sail his loop. He didn’t dare remove his gaze from Merlinda’s red-flushed face, or she would know something was up, and whirl around. “Go on,” Merlinda railed, leaning toward him. “Get out of here. You can’t help me, you betrayin’ polecat.” Zeke imagined his boots nailed to the floor so he wouldn’t move. Merlinda scowled like a bitch brewed up from the cauldron of hell. “Go stick it to your bride with your long-lastin’ pecker like you did to me.” Zeke heard the flying swoosh of the lasso. It settled at Merlinda’s throat.
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Happy Aquarian Age
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Blue-cat confused smoochies from the Kougar...

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