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PETA ~ Behind the Curtain

My Big Beautiful Cats, the Kougar has a deep abiding love and affection for animals, overall. You might already know this. But it needs to go viral as info, so people won't be brutally conned anymore, and pets won't be slaughtered. This is an article at the Center for Consumer Freedom ~ ~
Please, let’s all stop this cruel madness by spreading the word.

PETA Kills Animals, and the News is Spreading Like Wildfire

Last week we published new government records showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) operates a dog and cat slaughterhouse at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. And the news started spreading – fast. In the last 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of blog and newspaper readers have been briefed on PETA’s long-standing animal death program. Discussion forums are now teeming with angry pet lovers who want to see PETA pay the price for its unrepentant hypocrisy.

In case you missed last week’s announcement, here’s a breakdown of the latest statistics from today’s Daily Mail in London:

Since 1998 more than 20,000 pets handed to PETA have been put down.

In 2008 official figures show that the charity put down 2,124 animals that had been given to them.

Figures obtained from the Virginia Department of Agriculture reveal that last year PETA killed five pets a day.

The charity, which collects over £25m in donations, does not run an adoption shelter.

But as the most high profile animal welfare agency in the US many people take unwanted cats and dogs to their main offices in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Daily Mail is absolutely right in pointing out that hands-on animal shelters seldom see a single dollar of the millions given to PETA. But we would add that PETA is by no means the only animal rights group who would rather put its donations towards advertising campaigns and political lobbying: Despite its misleading name, the Humane Society of the United States doesn’t run a single pet shelter or adoption facility in the U.S. either.

Drudge Report readers also caught wind of PETA’s pet slaughterhouse this morning. Click on the image to see the full screen:

The word is still traveling even as this article goes to virtual press. Our media release has received over 3,600 votes on the social networking site And here’s a sampling of other reactions to

Pajamas Media:

If animals are people and fish are kittens, then the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are genocidal tyrants. Once in PETA’s death clutch, few animals escape…

Just a tiny percentage of their massive budget could save thousands of “lives” and yet they hypocritically lecture others about their lifestyle.

PETA needs to clean their own slaughterhouse. They might have a little more credibility in caring for animals if they cared for, instead of killed, those they’re meant to save.


PETA kills animals... to save money for advertising... to tell people not to kill animals. Sounds about right.

American Thinker:

PETA has no cash flow problem, but the organization's handling of the welfare of animals in its care is grim…

Organizations exhibiting hypocritical behavior, and money grubbing, must be called on to the carpet:

That's exactly why the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia's State Veterinarian last year to reclassify PETA as a slaughterhouse.

If PETA would rather spend its millions making itself a media spectacle than investing in the lives of the beloved dogs and cats put in its care, it doesn’t deserve to be a government-subsidized charity. Click here to take a bite out of PETA by signing our petition to have its tax-exemption status removed.

Personal Note: From its inception, the Kougaress never trusted PETA. It always felt wonky... you know, that feeling deep in the gut that something isn’t right, despite appearances.
Unfortunately, this will prove to be the case for many of the high-profile organizations which are supposedly on the side of animals and the environment. Those with tons o’ money often fund these false-front organizations to accomplish their insane diabolical agendas.
Or the big bad mad wolf hidden in innocent sheep’s clothing. There’s a universal reason for fairytales.

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Zeke pranced inside like a stallion with his first mare. She was so utterly adorable held in his arms, his bride. She would learn to trust his care of her. He owned all the time in the world. “The Emerald Shamrock isn’t far.” He began striding toward the grandiose door studded with shamrocks made of emerald-colored glass. “Why haven’t we seen any other people?” She slipped her little arms around his neck, clinging sweetly. “Everyone’s inside by now. We’re arriving late for the New Year’s Eve celebratin’.” Remembrance dawned in her eyes. “I’d forgotten.” The door swung open for them.
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Trina M. Lee said...

Wow I must have been living under a rock lately. I did not hear about that PETA thing. But I agree, I always felt something was not right with them all along. Thanks for sharing, as sad as that is.

Savanna Kougar said...

It is horribly sad. Actually, it haunts me. I always wish I could have done something to stop this sort of atrocity from happening.