Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Queen of Synchronicity

Oh, Kittens, the Kougar is still working on her WIP ~ Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ Our hero is about to be grilled by the heroine over exactly what he is, and how his stud powers work. Their enemies have been vanquished for the most part. And it’s time to resolve some issues between them. Can Trail convince Seneca to accept him as her Mate, despite the fact they are actually worlds apart?

Synchronicity is an odd thing. Recently the Kougar listened to the streaming radio show, Unknown Country, and heard that the more synchronicities occur in your life, the more you know you’re on the right path. Roar! The Kougaress is often not that fond of her path in life, yet the synchronicities are amazing.
After she paw-penned her *Long Live the Queen* bloggie of a couple of a days ago, three more Queens showed up that night.
The President’s London meeting with the Queen.
Queen Latifah, in trouble over a money thing.
And, the song, Dancing Queen, was featured on Coast-to-Coastam as one of the bumper songs.
Doo...doo...doo... you are NOT going to believe this one, my Big Beautiful Cats, you’re truly not... but, the Kougar just heard the word *Queen* in a stupid late-night commercial about killing ants.
Meow-dang, that is freaky feeling!!!
Oopsie-doodle, that’s right the meeting with the Queen was today... the Kougaress was not impressed, nor amused. Please-mew, no offense to anyone who was impressed, however. During her entire life, this sort of event has never been of much interest to moi. The only exception was Princess Diana. Bless her Light Upon the World.

Just for fun and because it pleases the Kougaress, let’s play being the Shaman Queen, and do a little interpretation of what these three *Queens* mean. Besides a possible winning Poker hand.
We have one elderly monarch of an island nation. We have a Queen who is experiencing a financial challenge. And we have a Dancing Queen born in the Age of Disco.
As the old empire paradigm fades into the sunset of 2012, there will be massive financial challenges which require the strength of a true Queen to overcome. This Aquarian Queen archetype will mean not only the revival of a Disco dancing style, but a whole new enthusiasm for dancing, only seen during the 1920's, the era of fast change and Speakeasies, a time caught between the staid and stiff expectations of early 1900s society, and the elegant dancing in the sophisticated uptown nightclubs that arrived in the 1940s.
It’s back to the Speakeasies and Disco dancing, in fact all styles of dancing, with a whole new Aquarian flavor and fervor ~ also, dancing will express an attitude of freedom equals dreams come true.

Guess what, darling Big Kitkats, moi spied this on the earthlink ticker about the Hair ~ the Musical ~

Said The Associated Press about the show: "The legendary 1960s American Tribal Love-Rock Musical has made the jump from a summer Central Park engagement to Broadway with all its exuberance intact. ... 'Hair' is the liveliest show in town."

The musical opened Tuesday at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

A while back, the Kougar wrote a few bloggies that included *Age of Aquarius* references to Hair, the Musical... so, it was just tingly-interesting to witness this all-too-timely revival.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 95 ~

Sylva couldn’t help wondering if this Earth was a paradise compared to her Earth. Still, she knew little about life here, or life with Zekie-boy, as his Aunt Martha had called him. Still, why not keep enjoying? An evening of dancing in her cowboy’s arms held a lot of promise. Smiling, she stroked up the sleeve of his gorgeous *Wild Bill Hickok* jacket, her hand slipping over his powerfully muscled arm. “That would make me happy. How close are we to the Emerald Shamrock?” Seductively, he slid his palms from her shoulders, his thumb grazing the swell of her breast.

Zeke surely liked his wife warm and willing, and adored seeing the tiny spark of bliss in her eyes. He teased her bare bosom again, his thumb brushing several times.” Then he turned, offering his arm again. “I like how you touch me, cowboy.” Her voice was purring satin, and held both shyness and her passion for him. He guessed she hadn’t said that often, if ever to another man. He promised himself he would hear it often from her strawberry ripe mouth. “I plan to keep touching you, Sylva, in the most pleasurable of ways.” She tripped beside him.
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Let FREEDOM ring. Let every VOICE be heard! NO! Internet Two. Resistance is victory.

Happy Age of Aquarius
May your most romantic dreams come true...

Queen of dancing kisses from the Kougar...


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