Friday, April 10, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday to Gem Sivad

Meow-evening, my Big Cuddle Cats, from the rainy and cold tame prairie. Shiver... the above pic is for Gem’s birthday, another Aries...yippee purr yay. Gem is the western erotic romance author of INTIMATE STRANGERS, featured one of the Kougar’s earlier blogs.

Tail-switching okay, moi is has been working all day on a Prologue for HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES, a menage title coming from Siren-BookStrand. Why, you mew, if you do? One, as a setup for the first sex scene, so the dynamics of what occurs is more fully understood. Two, in the Prologue our heroine, Wendra, reveals one of her deepest darkest sexual fantasies ~ one that wildly arouses her to orgasm, yet one she thinks she never wants to act out.
And Three, why this OtherWorld culture uses donkey expressions and donkey curses like ‘hairy donkey balls ~
Yowl, the Kougar had a good laugh over this part as she was claw-penning it. However, not everyone’s humor is the same, so here it is. Let moi know if you hate it.

“Is something funny?” Wendra raised a brow.
“You could apply donkey-hoof glue to my naked body and throw me against your Zent, and I wouldn’t stick. He may keep it buried deep down in some dark corner of his soul hell, he might not know it, but that man only has eyes for you.”
“He likes watching me dance.” Wendra turned back, wiping away her face makeup.
More gales of laughter blew past her. Unable to resist, Wendra began to giggle, not thinking of the ridiculous possibility that Zent really felt that way. No, the scene from a popular series of donkey comedy movies played in her mind.
“Do you remember that scene in Donkeys Do It Their Way where Esmeranda dressed to the hilt in a low-cut gown, then used glue on the bottom of her hooves so she would be standing perfectly when Torrido entered the swanky nightclub?”
“Omygawd, Torrido was dressed in a tux and top hat. He had that red-lined cape on and a cigarette holder clamped between his teeth. I chuckled for days remembering. And poor Esmeranda, all she got was a ‘You look good tonight, kid. That tail trim suits you’. Then Torrido passed her by and joined the table party of that snooty all-too-sophisticated debutante, Kinsey Elegant Ears.”
“Yes, and Kinsey lifted her hoof, so he could bow and muzzle a kiss on it.” Wendra held her stomach laughing.
“Then, then, Esmeranda struggled so hard to free her hooves, she finally toppled over taking a section of the floor with her.”
“Oh, god, yes. They carried her out on a stretcher. There she was flat on her back, her four legs straight up in the air because the ripped out floor was still glued to her hooves.”
“The killer, though.” Riselda swiped at her tears. “Esmeranda had used glue made from donkey hooves.”
“Yep, all you saw was her slack-jawed wide-eyed look of horror.”
Gradually their hysterical laughter abated to chuckles and hiccups. Wendra wiped her eyes on her shirt sleeve. “Strange how much movies influence language.”
“Yeah now, it’s part of the everyday language. Donkey this, donkey that. My favorite is not worth a donkey’s blue balls.”
“Donkey butt is mine. Whenever Gorlo got called a butt face, he would spin around, and shake his furry hind end. With his tail swinging, he’d bray, donkey butt, donkey butt, I don’t hear you, I just strut.”

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 103 ~

Sylva linked her arm with his. “Maybe I could have a career teaching new ways to dance.” Zeke swept aside the drape, escorting her out onto the landing above the dance floor. “Teach me, darlin’ Sylva. Then we’ll teach others.” Nonplused by his answer, Sylva decided to pursue it later. Now the romantic carefree music beckoned, and her feet itched to be among the other couples, dancing the night away. And all she wanted to know, right now, was if her cowboy could whirl her in his embrace like he made love. If so, her girlish dreams would come true.

Zeke halted on the last step, pivoting before his bride. Spanning her cinched waist with his hands, he lifted, whirling her through the air, and setting her before him. She smiled as if she adored him, her eyes sparkling more than anything decorating the Emerald Shamrock. His Sylva certainly adored his handling of her, leaning into his embrace as he gathered her into his arms. “Just follow my lead, darlin.” She nodded, her cheeks already rosy. He swung her waltz-style onto the dance floor. Easing her through the first steps, Zeke encouraged her to keep her gaze locked with his.
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May chocolate bunnies always fill the basket of your life...

Belated Birthday smooch to Gem from the Kougar...


Serena Shay said...


Oh Kougar, may I wrap my kitteny body around that cuppa cowboy up there? Think Gem would mind if I just took an ankle??

LOL...all I can picture is the donkey from shrek dancing around singing.."donkey butt, donkey butt, I don’t hear you, I just strut.”

I love it!

Trina M. Lee said...

Wow that is one heck of a birthday gift. I'm jealous. My bday isn't until December lol.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I dunno, Gem seems like a possessive 'leave my cowboy alone' kind of woman... ever see Coal Miner's Daughter... was a baseball bat she used on the woman her husband was doing?

Yanno, I hadn't thought of Shrek, but that's true...

Hey, Trina... hmmm... maybe a hot pic of Spike for your b-day...