Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eyeborgs & Digging in the Spring Dirt

Omygawd... pant, purr, pant, purr Big Sassy Kittens... Adrian is looking sexier and more studly than ever. Plus, the Kougar just viewed the trailer for EYEBORGS. Wow and yowl from the roof, the film looks tremendous, a gritty ferocious suspenseful near-futuristic.
Oh, yes and meow... to be stroked by those hands. Not to mention being able to gaze up at him. His soul magnificently shows up in his coffee-gorgeous eyes.
We know, Adrian or Mr. Paul makes a devastatingly tall, dark and handsome vampire. Has he ever played a shapeshifter? Perhaps, a sleek species of dark-colored wolf... hmmm... purring... but what Big Cat? Ahhhh... a lithe elegant black lion... absolutely! Roar and give this Kougar girl more.
How about this title? ~ Ravished by the Midnight Lion ~

The pic and movie blurb is courtesy of ~

After another 9/11 style attack the government passed the "Freedom of Observation Act," a sweeping new law requiring all cameras to be linked into the Optical Defense Intelligence Network, a single, all-seeing system known as ODIN and creating specialized, new, mobile, robotic surveillance cameras called EYEBORGS that watch everyone, all the time, for suspicious behavior in an effort to help law enforcement keep America safe.

After an series of fatal "accidents" an agent for the Department of Homeland Security (Adrian Paul) grows suspicious of the system because the physical evidence doesn't match up to what the video records show. Now he must work outside the system to find out who is really controlling the Eyeborgs, but how can you work outside a system that can see your every move all the time?

With the help of a broadcast journalist (Megan Blake) and a purple haired Punk Rocker (Luke Eberl) who turns out to be the President's nephew, he comes to believe terrorists have seized control of our system and are planning to use the Eyeborgs against us in a plot to assassinate the President during the final debate of the election.

Yes, my Beloved Big Cats, it was much warmer today, and the Kougar finally got her paws on her favorite small shovel, and for a short time dug off layers of nice black dirt to use for some gardening. Oh, for some lovely raw veggies, purring-yum for those nice plump juicy cherry tomatoes. The Kougar’s doggies love them too. Hopefully moi’s health with allow her to do some planting this year. She just spent a chunk of change on organic heirloom seeds, and will try to get to the farmer’s markets in the area. Claws crossed for luck.

Ah, my lovely, lovely Kittens, moi’s intuition is acting up today. What about? Not anything good. It’s a scary word: pandemic. And even if the Kougaress’ intuition is not on target, true sometimes, it never hurts to stock up the pantry, and stock up with those medicines you use. Since moi is allergic to all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, she is stocking up as much as she can with natural alternatives like wild oregano oil and Thieves’ Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Colloidal or Ion Silver is good too.

Finally, because the Kougar claw-ripping hates lies that destroy lives or anyone’s life, she will now defend Alex Jones of, who has recently been vilified in the mainstream news for something he didn’t do. Moi is all too familiar with false accusations, and has paid dearly in her past for terrible lies perpetrated against her.
In Mr. Jones case he has been accused of causing the deaths of the policeman who were killed by the 22 year old male who went berserk. The only connection between Alex Jones and this male was that this killer had gone on Alex’s forums DISAGREEING with what Mr. Jones believes in and said.
How does the Kougaress know this? She has been regularly listening to Alex’s internet radio show for several years now. He constantly tells people NOT to use violence, and to use information as a way to keep our precious freedoms.
In fact, the Kougar would never listen to anyone who espoused that type of reprehensible violence.

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 102 ~

Sylva soared inside with hope. “It seems your version of Earth is better than mine in several ways.” Facing him, she let her hands slide up his irresistible chest. God, he made her insides gooey with wanton desires. “Your Earth now, my wife.” Sensually his fingertips brushed the bare swells of her breast. She reveled in the attention, her palms molding his chest. “Dancing or refreshments first?” he asked. Lost in the gold facets of his dark brandy eyes, Sylva didn’t reply immediately. “Dancing, please. Tell me, do only young couples come here?” Shadows crossed his eyes. “No, not always.”

Zeke didn’t want to lie to his bride. Still, he didn’t want to explain how different their Earths were. Not yet. He covered her hands, her impassioned touch making him as happy and rambunctious as a stallion nuzzled by his mare. “Dancing first,” he tempted. “Take it slow at first, will you, cowboy? I’ll get the hang of how you dance here. This isn’t the only way you dance here, is it?” Caressing her hands, he turned and unbuckled his gun belt, hanging it on the designated hook.“No, but it is one of the most popular.” He presented his arm.
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Let FREEDOM ring. Let every VOICE be heard! NO! Internet Two. Resistance is victory.

May chocolate bunnies always fill the basket of your life...

Warm Spring smooch from the Kougar...


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