Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flash of The Heart’s Misunderstanding

Photo: Unknown Object Over Pyramids

This unknown object above the Pyramids at Giza was caught on a live webcam that sits atop a hotel. The webcam has also been down since this image appeared on April 20, 2009.


Keep yourselves safe, my brave Kittens. Our world is changing in dramatic ways.

Today romance author, Lisa Andel, held flashing court with the theme of misunderstandings... for some extra hot flash-ings, race on over to the Liquid Silver SEx blog.
Moi’s tame flashie below ~

The Heart’s Misunderstanding

Giddy with happiness, she raced down the long staircase. Surely wings were attached to her slippered feet. Pausing at the bannister, she caught her breath. He was here, waiting for her in the reception room. Terrance, the love of her life. She’d seen his personal coach from her balcony. At last evening’s ball, he’d hinted at his arrival this day. Her diaphanous daygown whispered around her ankles as she floated forward. What would she say when he asked for her hand in marriage? How would she say her acceptance? Would she smile demurely, or would her tears erupt in joy.

Terrance spun around on the heel of his superb cavalry boots, a wide smile on his solid handsome face. His gaze beamed with the strength of several suns. “Oh, Terrance,” she breathed out her heart. Kalvesta rushed toward him and swore her feet felt like hummingbirds’ wings. She halted as swiftly when he suddenly frowned, his countenance resembling the quiet before a storm. “What is it?” fell from her lips.
“Kalvesta, my sweet one.” He moved to her, grasping her hands inside his. “It was your sister, Lolenda, I asked to join me.” He paused, compassion owning his gaze. “I am sorry.”

Kalvesta’s world whirled and crashed around her. If she had been a tower she would have crumbled into unrecognizable dust. “I, I am sorry.” She stuttered over her words and felt everything inside her die. Her heart stopped and refused to start. Still, she noticed its tiny resilient thump inside her chest. How do I remain standing, she wondered. A terrible bubble of silence surrounded her and suddenly she could see nothing. “Please, do not let Lolenda know I was here.” Tearing her hands from Terrance’s kind grip, she fled. On instinct she found the garden doors and flew outside.

Dhaldago unfolded his arms, observing the woman he wanted with a ferocity that owned his soul, burst out the tall ornate door – as he had surmised would occur, once she discovered Terrance had arrived for her sister. Her lovely delicate shoulder had been coldly shown to him every time he’d made the slightest courting advance. Now, she would be his. He had carefully spoken his desire to her parents, gaining their consent. Although, it was his right to boldly take her in marriage, since her sister was the younger of the two. Shoving away from the stone wall, he sprinted.

Keeping a falcon eye on his Kalvesta, Dhaldago marveled at her fleetness of foot. Yet, wasn’t that one reason for his loin’s passion? Her female form was all fragile sumptuousness while her spirit in whatever sport she played was savagely glorious, and more often than not, she triumphed. Gaining on her, he watched her jerk to a halt beneath a weeping willow tree. Her small hand flattened on the trunk before she doubled over, crumpling onto the ground. Not caring how much she loathed him, Dhaldago raced to her. Before she could react, he scooped her up into his arms.

“What are doing?” Flames owned her tongue. Still, she remained stunned and too emotionally weak to struggle against his hold as he strode with her along the walking path.
“My coach awaits for you, my intended bride.” He glanced downward, glimpsing her sea-sensual eyes, now huge pools of shocked realization.
“No.” He felt the force of her whisper.
“Yes. I have right of marriage.”
“I will despise you forever!”
“Your hatred is preferred over life without you, beautiful woman.”
“How can that be?” she fired on him with her tone. He acknowledged the scorch of her strike.
“Simple. I want you.”

Now ~ FIRST! just for the big cool cats ~

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s story continues...

Part 120 ~

Sylva lost herself in the brandy-colored glints of her cowboy’s eyes, figuring sooner or later she’d get to the bottom of why Roy and Dale were still alive and seemingly in good health. That truth had shone in his eyes. Obviously aging on this Earth was different. Even though her curiosity was extremely piqued and some alarm surged through her, Sylva decided she’d give ‘her husband’ some rope. “Her name is Marina. How about something to drink?” His purring voice did naughty devastating things to her insides. Caressing his hands from her, he pivoted presenting his arm.
“I am thirsty.”

Zeke stroked over the top of his Sylva’s hand, once she took his arm. Guiding her along the landing, he asked, “Are you feeling weary yet?” She danced a step, turning to him. “Are you kidding? With everything that has happened? Do things like Merlinda and Barnabas happen here often?” Zeke grinned. At least she wasn’t pursuing his past with Merlinda. “Yep, on occasion. But not on a regular basis. I’ll assume that would have been a rare occurrence on your Earth.” She nodded as he gazed at her. “Especially the whip. This reminds me of the Wild, Wild West.”
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Happy Aquarian Age
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Serena Shay said...

You keep pulling this kitten in with your wonderful stories!! YAY! Dhaldago is an uber stud muffin! Does he by any chance turn into a bull??


Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, darn, yowl-no, he doesn't. At least, if he does, he hasn't confided in his author yet.
Dhaldago does sound rather like a bull's name.

I see Pam setup ShapeShifter Seductions...

Actually, my Load of Bull flash is set in the contemporary West.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Load of Bull Flash, what a puurfect title!

Pam did set up the blog, Woot! I didn't see a book cover of yours though?