Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Winners & In Honor of Scorpio

Good eeevening, my Beautiful Big Cats, we have the WINNERS! For the Liquid Silver Author’s Eye Candy Halloween event.

The GRAND PRIZE winner is *drumroll please* ~ DANI ~ Congratulations!
The Kougar’s first WINNER was LadyVampire2u...meow and fang-sharp congrats.
The SECOND WINNER ~ chosen by the Kougar’s mother ~ is BethRe ~ purr and tail-swishing congratulations.
Bethre, You can choose either a PDF copy of RED LIONESS TAMED, OR an angelic reading, OR a future copy of BLACK CAT BEAUTY, once it releases.

***CATHY & STEPHANIE*** since you commented on a prior blog, please, also, contact the Kougar for a prize.

AND! because moi had such a good time with everyone *a huge yowl of appreciation* ~ anyone else who commented during the cyber trick or treaterie can contact the Kougar for one of Volcano’s angelic readings ~ if you would like one.

The Kougar’s lair addy is ~ rebelromance @ ~


Currently, we are in the sun sign of Scorpio until around the 21st of November ~ this is a darker turn of the year, my Adorable Big Cats, where emotions and world events run deep, and often silent, but just as deadly or benevolent, depending on who is, or is not, wielding the power. WHO wields the power, that is the key.
This is a great time of year to take some time, sip some mulled apple cider, and make a deep assessment of your own life, especially your feelings. You will come away with understandings, which will transform you and thus, your life. Because Scorpio at it’s root, is the sign of transformation. From the ash rises the phoenix. From the ash of what has been, rise on the fiery splendid wings of your phoenix spirit, and soar, my Great Cats.

After viewing the recent submission of a bird of prey, I thought the Coast to Coast listeners and webreaders would enjoy this photo of Scorpio, a nine year old peregrine falcon that resides on the office building where I work [in Davenport, Iowa]. I've been the overseer of the falcon project here for many years and have been rewarded with taking care of her and her mate, P/D, and the numerous offspring they provide each spring. Does she appear to be a little upset? --David K. Sebben ~ ~

p.s. my kitkats...this is getting the Kougar claw pens this blog, an old 1995 Art Bell radio show is streaming...the topic *just mentioned* is Volcanoes...a synchronicity with the aforementioned hero of WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, Volcano.

Scorpio rising kiss from the Kougar...

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