Monday, November 17, 2008

Murder by Edits...

Naw...the Kougar girl is just pulling your long, supple and beautiful tail...teehee-purring. So far, her edits for Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis, coming from Siren-BookStrand, are progressing more than nicely...meow-smile. So far.
Oh, the sunset, my Gorgeous KitKats...stunning beyond belief...the colors were beauty beyond the intensity of neon, a cherry red, a deep tangerine, pinks to live for...such a staggering contrast to the current realities of this world. In fierce fact, the gap is unfathomable to the Kougaress...and utterly painful.
A moment, my Big simply express blessings to all those caught in the California wildfires, may they all know protection and sacred renewal.
And, what is moi grateful for? The opportunity to create her novel to the best of her ability...important to the Kougar.

Tomorrow, Cruelty... Flash of the Caribbean Vampire continues ~
Later tonight, Volcano’s Angelic Forecast will be posted on the Siren-BookStrand Author’s Blog ~
Also, tomorrow, Pat Cunningham’s little bloggie will be at Title Magic.

Now, Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ the Kougar’s fifth flash with a flash added ~ imagine Adrian Paul in this role, pictured above ~ or, your perfect hero ~

His Superior’s daughter

1 ~
He entered the regal ballroom naked. It was his turn to choose the pleasure slave who would serve him for the duration of the intergalactic journey. I trembled a moment, cast my eyes downward. Would he know me? Remember...inform my father? Goddess of Miracles, no...please. I desperately craved this escape. No duties. Only my carnal obedience.
Bravely, I presented my face as he neared me.
“My cock ruts for you.” He tipped my chin up, regarded the depths of my eyes. His fingertips idly brushed downward, enticing the hollow of my throat.
He had just chosen his Superior’s daughter.

November 16, 2008

2 ~
I owned no words for the emotions ripping through me. Fear stormed every level of my being, and I felt as if a shower of arrows pricked my flesh. If he discovered...
If my father discovered...
Shutting my eyes, I swallowed against the press of his finger. His sensual touch was utter ownership. Yet, more fear stunned my senses as I remembered. He possessed a reputation for requiring passion beyond mere carnal obedience. For demanding a surrender to every extreme sexual pleasure of the flesh. For...
“You will be mine in complete obedience.”
I quaked within, while remaining still, subservient.

Smirk and smooch from the Kougar...

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