Sunday, November 23, 2008

Murder of the Flash...

Yep, murder of the flash today, my Big Beautiful Cats...the Kougar was attending to her edits, and didn’t get to participate in the Liquid Silver SEx blog flash-ings today.
However, take a kitty stroll on over and enjoy ~ Hailey Edwards, a new author with LSB was the hostess with the autumnal mostess...and here is her opening flash-ing ~

Fall Flash Fiction
Hailey Edwards

Ailis lay amid a pile of gold and russet leaves. She looked to the trees above and watched as they rustled in the cool breeze. The gentle tug of wind freed another perfect, star-shaped offering that drifted down to land only inches from her outstretched palm. She heard the sharp crunch of dried leaves crushed underfoot and angled her head towards the sound.
Kerrin approached. She had thought to escape him. This one perfect day she planned to keep for herself, but now it was spoiled by his beauty and paled in comparison.

And isn’t this the most gorgeous banner??? A huge purring thank you to Tess MacKall from Midnight Seductions ~

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And, just for the Big Cool Cats ~ put on your dancin’ shoes, kittens ~ a snippet from Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~

Easily Kalypso followed his lead, his dance moves smooth and bold, polished like brass. She was somewhat surprised, since most men didn’t do it for her on the dance floor.
Soon lost in the hot, hot swinging tune, and with the music splendidly ruling her senses, Kalypso responded to his masterful handling of her. Even knowing it would only encourage him, she surrendered to the ecstasy of their rapport. And as the tune changed, becoming a romantic sensual rhythm, she clung to him, her body in dreamy rapport with his, as he languidly curled her around every part of his enormous hard frame.
Their steamy harmony ruled her. It was irresistible. Rare. Dazzling to her senses. So magical she didn’t deny herself. This once. To dance this way with a man, her body fluid and flaming against him. She twirled into his arms once the music faded, a breathless, seductive woman, and his for the moment.

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ 2051 mystery-suspense futuristic ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand ~

Autumnal smooch from the Kougar...