Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flash of the White Stallion

A beautiful autumn evening on the tame prairie, my Gorgeous Big Cats. The moon is a silvery white crescent, her mood magical.
Today at the
Liquid Silver SEx blog, Roscoe James hosted, calling for wide open flash-ing...and yes, my Big Kitties, it was most definitely wide open, including several pairs of open.
And if you have a yen for menage, Nina’s flashes are for you ~ heat extreme warning, my Lovely Cats.
Now, for one of the Kougar’s fave lines in Roscoe’s serial flash ~ The Conquest ~ "His hands fumbling with his belt he found a new sentiment. Incredulousness."
Tomorrow, my Big Cool Cats, the Kougar will add two more flashes to her serial flash ~ Cruelty... Flash of the Caribbean Vampire ~
And, also tomorrow, Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week will be at the Siren-BookStrand Authors blog.
The next day is moi’s serial flash ~ Blocking My Sun ~
***And, my Big KitKats, moi is headed for the deep end of the editing cave, which may cut down on her blogging time. However, the Kougar will be posting claw snippets from her edits, or from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT. Just because she adores you.***
The fabuloso pic above, is from The Barn Door ~ "This vibrant stallion against muted fall colors was created by pastel artist, Lesley Harrison." ~ ~

This week’s Flash-ing is the Kougaress’ homage to the hero, who stole her young child’s heart...the sexy-fierce version of her hero, of course ~

The magnificent white stallion stood atop a rugged high rise of ground, appearing to mock my efforts to gaze upon him more closely. I didn’t mind. His beauty transfixed me, especially the way his coat, and long waving tail, gleamed beneath the early afternoon sun. He seemed almost magical, as if he’d escaped from a fairytale. I soared inside, all sensation of my body’s weight lost. And I became wonderfully torn between the desire to observe his freedom, and the restless urge to ride him. What would he feel like beneath me? As he ran like the wind.
"Hiyo, Silver."
I spun toward the man’s booming shout. Silver? Like the Lone Ranger’s horse? From the corner of my eye, I watch the white stallion move down the long-sloping rise with deliberate care. One false move, and he would slide dangerously. The small rocks covering the arid ground acted like a bed of gravel. In vain, my gaze searches for the voice’s owner, the deep commanding sound tingling my insides nearly as much as his stallion. I know everyone who lives in this grand isolated area. So, I thought.
"Looking for me, ma’am?" I whirl around, almost tripping over my feet.
"Yes," I mumble, and try to keep my balance. Quick as a striking rattler he’s beside me, his grip on my elbow a steadying force, the likes of which I’d never felt before. Not from any man. But was he a man? Or had he leapt from the fictional pages of a TV script? Not that he actually resembled the Lone Ranger of yesteryear. From what I could see, peering from beneath my lashes, while my cheeks flame like they’ve been severely sunburned.
"You okay, ma’am?"
"I...I don’t think so." My belly lurches with uncertainty, and something else I’ll label ‘attraction’.
"How can I help, ma’am?"
What was with this ‘ma’am’ thing? Once was definitely enough. Good Lord, he smelled deliciously primal, and like pine needles.
"Who are you? There aren’t that many of us small ranchers, living around here." I stop. I’m about to nervously babble.
"Just passin’ through. For now."
"For now?" He hasn’t released my elbow. Not that my elbow is complaining. It seems quite content, even warm...and giddy. Bubbly, sort of.
"This will be my territory to watch over. Once I return."
"You can’t be the new Sheriff. We elect those."
"No, ma’am. We’re taking over."
"Taking over?" I quake inside. At that moment Silver trots towards us, a gorgeous gliding gait. Once he halts, his dark chocolate eyes take us both in. Interest brightening his gaze, the white stallion moves toward me, and gently shoves his muzzle above my breasts, snuffling.
"You must love horses, ma’am."
"Yes." I would have stuttered if I’d said anything more.
"Do not be afraid. We will be benign masters."
"Masters," I croak. Now, I’m caught like a rabbit, between terror and the affectionate nuzzling of Silver, who obviously expects me to stroke his neck. I comply, enjoying immensely...yet...
What the *f* is going on?
"Want to go for a ride, ma’am?"
Hell, yes! Every piece of me ‘wants to go for a ride’ on Silver, the magnificent white stallion. Still..."Masters," I blurt out again. Silver kisses my cheek with a velvety press of his muzzle.
"In my world a woman who loves horses is considered more valuable than gold."
To say my senses were overwhelmed, would be to lie. More like blasted out from underneath me. And lost forever.
"I don’t understand," I whisper. My hand flows down Silver’s face in a caress.
"You will understand. Soon."
It’s a double or triple whammy. I’m not sure. The silken, yet rough timbre of his voice. The sinewy hard muscle of his thigh against my hip. The unrelenting grip of his hand on my elbow.
When had my world turned totally upside down?
When had my heart ever tripped this fast over a man?
"Have a name?" I ask, then hope he doesn’t hear my pounding heart.
Silver offers his muzzle for my kiss. I press my lips sweetly, my love flowing automatically toward him.
"Consider me your personal Lone Ranger."
Powerfully lifting me, he swings me astride Silver.

Kisses from the back of the white stallion...

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