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Through the Looking Glass ~ the Never Ending Story...

Hey, Big Cats of every stripe and color, we Siren-BookStrand authors are having a fun story-writing time. Take a stroll, if you want a stare, and see how the romance turns on a dare...
Here ~ Just for the Big Cool Cats, is the Kougar’s latest addition to the Never Ending Story ~ in celebration of getting through the edits on her 100,000 word plus novel, MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS, coming from
Now-meow and tail-slashing yowl, it’s merely a matter of another read though and the fine-tuning claw.

For the rest of the FIRST PART from the never ending story...
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Part 15 ~ The Never Ending Story

Aunt Cecily? Had that really been her aunt’s soft, but stern voice?
Feeling surreal and suspended in time, Kallyn desperately tried to think. Was it merely another wizard’s trick? She’d entered a realm unknown to her and utterly fantastical.
Grabbing for a breath she didn’t feel, she called out, “Aunt Cecily, is that you?”
“Don’t listen.” Phil’s voice enchanted the rim of her ear. Sensations of bliss and flame curled her toes unbelievably. Good heavens, could a woman yearn for a man more. But was he a man? Or the mere pretense of a man?
“You’re not going without me.” This time the voice sounded even more like her aunt when she had her dander up. “Phil, you utter demon. How dare you trick my niece the way you tricked me. Oh, come through mirror, you crooned...never mind. I’m here to protect you, Kallyn. All you have to do is call me through the mirror.”
“It’s a trick,” Phil countered, his very real hand caressing her belly as if they were already lovers.
“A trick...?” she murmured, ripped in half. In her mind’s eye she saw herself rushing back through the mirror, while she called out to her Aunt, and saved them both. The other half of her had been liquified to wanton honey. The other half of her wanted to stay forever in this mirror fantasy realm, enjoying in a way she’d never gotten to do, and feared she never would.
“Jake isn’t who he seems to be.” Phil’s fingertips grazed the underswell of breasts like feathers.
“What do you mean?” The words barely made it past her lips. All she wanted to do was say, take me wherever you want...take me for as long as you want.
“Did you know we would be considered twins in your world?”

And, for the next part of the story...stay tuned to ~

I'm running a Siren-Bookstrand Author challenge - an ongoing "group" romance. The Purpose? A whole lot of fun! The Rules? Very simply, each author has to pick up and add to the storyline, with a limit of up to 300 words per entry. They also have to end their entry on an "open" line, i.e. not complete a conversation, or scene, etc. so that the author following has just that much more of a challenge. Readers (and other authors) can add comments, make suggestions, etc.

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A Kiss through the looking glass from the Kougar...

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