Thursday, November 13, 2008

American Title ~ It's Baaack...

Good evening, my Beautiful Big Cats, it’s that time of year again. No, not just Thanksgiving *oops, the Kougar has neglected to mention what she is grateful for the last few days* ~ then, the holly jolly season of Christmas...NO! it’s time once again, to tune into the AMERICAN TITLE V competition. Yesterday, moi went for a stroll over to ROMANTIC TIMES online, to eagerly check out the finalist’s first lines, then to make that difficult decision...which entry? Does she choose to vote for?
It was tough, since the Kougar had her top three preferences, one being Evonne Wareham’s entry ~ moi’s ATIV buddy, who finaled again this year, a feat never before accomplished. Take a peek at Evonne’s TITLE MAGIC blog today, for an inside look of what it’s like during the roller coaster ride of the American Title competition, sponsored by Dorchester.
Personal Note: Flavia seemed a bit subdued in her comments for this round. Have her fangs been pulled?
Purr-purring gratitude...the Kougar is entirely grateful for her Aunt, who has helped her immensely during the past few years. And! so grateful for all the hugs her doggies let her give them everyday, and their sweet little paw hugs back. She is also grateful it’s not cold today.
Below is an autumn garden picture, the Kougar discovered at
~ ~ wouldn’t it be loverly? If only there was more time in the day...

Now! Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ a claw snippet from the SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

“God, Wendy. What you do to me.” Clasping her waist with one arm, he lifted her up, and plucked the bottle away from her, while she struggled valiantly against him.
“Horrible, despicable donkey beast.”
She slashed him good with her tone. Shoving her palm against his flank, she shot her flame against his flesh. Quickly, a small cloud of steam surrounded her hand. Zavier tamped down his laughter, but a few rumbling chuckles escaped. Disgusted, she removed her hand, tiny pops of sound bouncing between her palm and his body.
“The only thing you did, honey, was lessen my super libido. Good, since I’m about to cleanse your hair.”
“My new secret weapon,” she blasted back. “Maybe I should fire directly on the target next time.”
“You’d just be firing up the missile, honey. Full speed ahead.”
“So you say. I’d like to flame test it. See if it rises to the occasion.”
“I can’t wait for that test, honey.”
Lowering them into the water, Zavier had no real idea how to handle his wild kitten. Still repressing his amusement, he went on sheer instinct, bringing her to him, so her back pressed against his chest.
“You’re not invincible,” she haughtily slammed him over her shoulder.
“My heart isn’t invincible.”

Autumn kisses from the Kougar...

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