Saturday, November 15, 2008

PEARL ~ Not the Oyster of Your Dreams...

Brrrr...Big Kittens, it’s cold out there. The Kougar did a night run down to her, not four racing paws on the ground...but, inside the comfort of her van...still...brrrr...
Just for the Big Beautiful Cats ~ a Thanksgiving day card...the scene straight from the Kougar’s tame prairie, and painted in an old-fashioned style...maoow, and if you believe that one, this kitten has some old stinky fish to sell ya ~ ~

Another lovely chat day with her Siren-BookStrand buddies on the FALLEN ANGELS yahoo loop...what you learn about your sister authors...well, you just have to be there...

PEARL ~ Not the oyster of your dreams ~ unless you’re a paranormal author. It’s time to nominate your faves for these prestigious awards ~ ~
Moi is yowling the info below straight from the haunted hallowed loop ~


Preview Weekend
This weekend we will be doing promos a bit differently -
books and e-books with
January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008 copyright

The PEARLS do not allow campaigning, promoting or vote for me postings
Anyone caught doing this will be disqualified.

Nominating for the PEARL begins in January, so THE HAUNT is allowing
all books eligible to showcase their works this weekend, to give
Paranormal Romance Reviews Membership a chance to find you books
and read them before nominations start.

~ ~

Best ANTHOLOGY: Voting is based on the entire collection. The collection must have paranormal elements in 50% of the novellas.

Best FANTASY/MAGICAL Romance - Story takes place in the natural world but featuring beings [mythical or real] with unnatural abilities. Stories may include visits to other realms. This category also includes ghosts and psychics. *

Best FUTURISTIC Romance - Stories in this category require the main plot to be set in a time far enough into the future for there to be significant developments (changes) in culture as we know it, or the introduction of an otherworldly culture which affects the contemporary world - plot involves two romantically linked central characters.

Best NEW AUTHOR - This applies to an author whose debut novel was released (for the first time), in the award year; and who also had a paranormal romance release within that year (can be the same). This applies only to book format offerings (print or electronic).

Favorite OVERALL PARANORMAL - Any single title paranormal romance first released in the award year.

Best Romantic SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY - Stories which draw imaginatively on scientific knowledge and/or speculation in the plot and setting. Most often published outside of the romance genre, with the focus on a central character - the plot must involve romance.*

Best SHAPESHIFTER - Books in this category include beings that have the ability to take on different forms one of which must be human. Werewolves, Selkies, and others.

Best SHORT STORY/NOVELLA - Story of under 50,000 words, may be part of anthology, or published singly. Must have an ISBN for verification.

Best TIME TRAVEL - Stories in which main character[s] travel to a time period other than their own. Can be historical, contemporary, or futuristic in setting.

Best VAMPIRE - Darker and generally more sensual, these stories feature preternatural beings who subsist on human and/or animal blood, or life force (in the case of psychic vampires) often having magical powers and the ability to transform.
OKAY...realistic meow here...the Kougar knows there’s no turkey leg on this PEARL plate for, why showcase her novels this weekend? Just because she is proud of her writerly accomplishments, proud of her publishers and cover art...and very roaring-proud of her novel babies.

Now, just for the Big Cool Cats ~ the Kougar’s third flash, with an added flash ~

Ignored as usual...

Ignored as usual, she swayed to the sultry rhythms as she sat, occasionally sipping on the old-fashioned Sangria. It was the usual crowd, couples making themselves hotter, their bodies twined together like pretzels. And those who despised dancing, thinking the art of the music was all. Shaking her hair, she missed the man headed her way. A viking of a man. His golden russet mane waved below his shoulders...had he stepped off a dragon ship? Stunned as he strode toward her, she drank in his muscled thighs, impressive beneath leather pants.
“Dance with me,” he commanded, extending his hand.

November 15, 2008

Trepidation raced through her like wildfire. Instantly, her palms became clammy. His sheer size made her feel like cowering, not to mention all that mass of hard muscle. He could probably snap her like a twig, even if she wasn’t the 60's model, Twiggy.
Still, the command of his icy azure eyes and his domineering stance compelled her to extend her own hand. And something else, her own sharp prick of curiosity. Why would a man like him want to dance with her? The drive to know why had her standing up. He clasped her hand.
“Your beauty pleases me.”

Pearled lipstick kisses from the Kougar...

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