Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof...

Too cold tonight, my Lovely Big Cats...rraaoorrr-ick! Discombobulated ~ the Kougar’s state of mind currently. The ink cartridge in the printer is giving moi fits...meow-never mind. Much too distressing, the consequences of no printer, and no ink...whatever the outcome eventually is, or is not, in money and time spent. Roaring-through, this is a mere representation of the Kougaress’s untidy and bizarre life.
And an old floppy disk wouldn’t convert. Yes, yowling, it should have been handled long ago...however, due to several drastic episodes of life wasn’t going to happen during all those years...unless, by sheer miracle.
On the bright side, the Talking Two Lips chat with the Kougar’s Siren-BookStrand fellow authors this afternoon was fun, and definitely lively. And last night, the kitty girl got lots of good writing accomplished...purr-purr. For which, she is GRATEFUL. Tail-twitching happily, her daily thanKfulness to celebrate THANKSGIVING.
And she hoped to continue. Nope, not yet. Moi’s promo-ing mania continues.
Then, another mania struck, the unrelenting urge to find the opening prose of the Kougar’s long-ago completed novel ~ Rope the Buffalo’s Rushing Wind ~ an alternate world story...what if our beloved country had evolved a culture where the Europeans, the American Indians and the descendants of the Spanish Conquistadors had found a way to live together and thrive. To create a culture which served them all, and served everyone who immigrated. So it is, in this timeline.
And was this small novel a joy to create, at the time. Not easy, but a true joy. The hero was based on the first man the Kougar ever fell in love homage to what could have been, in another timeline.
What brought this mania on...*shrug* doesn’t know. Perhaps, it’s a mental diversion from diving into the edits for Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis...maybe. Indeed, the kitkat’s life often moves in mysterious ways.
Grrrrrrr...the Kougar is feeling like a cranky cat on a cold tin roof. Her paws are freezing her paws, as she waits on whatever is about to befall us all next n the crazed faster-than-speed dial life. More economic disaster? Or another catastrophe of a different stripe? Something monstrous on the horizon. Moi feels it down to her claws.

Thanks to the ~ ~ for introducing me to Raffaello Balzo ~ see pic above!!!
Winner of the Italian Beauty contest "Photographic Model of the Year" in 1995, he broke into showbusiness the same year he graduated from technical school with high scores. In the next two years he was the winner of two more rather important contests which motivated him to move to Milan where he modeled for such famous designers as Gianfranco Ferré and Versace.

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ the second flash penned by the Kougar, with another flash added today ~

Forbidden Vampyre

Black lace slips over my bath-cooled skin. I sit at my vanity, examining my ruby red nails, feeling lace scrape deliciously over my nipples. Impatient, I flip back my long strawberry-colored hair, and cross my bare thighs. Lace slides, a sensual tickle between the bottom of my butt cheeks and the top of my thighs.
I rise as I hear his steps, strong yet stealthy, on the stairs winding up to my room. Black lace strokes my body like a lover’s caress. My sex drips as he opens the door, uninvited and forbidden. My neck throbs, wanting him.
“Dinner, darling?
November 8, 2008
Black is the unholy glitter in his eyes. Although, I drown in the midnight blue color, as he steps within, and I close the door. His suave gaze slips like silk over my face, down my neck, devours the thrust swells of my breasts. I sigh, my body already yielding in anticipation of his first nibble. His first kiss. Or...the first prick that draws my blood. Mesmerizing me easily, he touches black lace, his fingertip barely felt where my thigh ends. Tortuously slow, he draws his fingertip up the flare of my hip.
“I don’t mind, if I do, darling.”

Forbidden black lace kiss from the Kougar...

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