Friday, November 7, 2008

When Carrots Fall in Love...

Meow-yay the Passionate Ink newsletter is out, my Big Beautiful Cats! The Kougar’s article ~ THE STRANGE MAGIC OF BOOK REVIEWS ~ ~ is one of the many outstanding articles. A great tickle of pride courses through this kitty girl.

For a bit of fun on Friday...
When carrots fall in love, what does it look like? The Kougar will bet you’ve asked that questions dozens of times...if not, why not? Just for the Big KitKats, the answer to the moi’s inquiry is below...and was originally found at ~ ~
I was making juice a couple days ago and found this amorous pair of carrots in the bag. Who knows what goes on in the produce section after hours?!


Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ a claw snippet from *THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT* ~ the end of Chapter Six ~

“You can’t. Right now. God, Wendra, don’t make me deny you.” His hands cupped her head, framing her face. “I want to give you everything. Anything you want.”
Drowning in his ferocious need for her, she stilled inside, her body motionless. “What’s wrong?” His gaze flickered, shadows interspersed with the stunning green facets of his eyes. “What is it?” Softly, she caressed his wrist back and forth, and wished she could simply adore how it felt to have her face held this way. By him.
He assessed her, pierced the depth of her eyes with his unrelenting gaze. “Zotorro’s vision. The enemy we face is formidable. I don’t have a viable plan for our defense, let alone a successful defense for Chrontropolis.”
“You need to discover his weakness, the enemy. Like you always do, Mr. Dark Terror of Justice Hall. Think of Chrontropolis as an innocent you’re bound and determined to save. Eventually, you’ll make his eye twitch like...”
His mouth slammed down on hers, a passion so savage and so undeniably perfect, she returned the force of his kiss as fiercely as she could manage, while her breath burst in and out. Transformed into wanton flame, she melded her body with his, and soared higher than the sky.

Friday fun kisses from the Kougar...

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