Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 22 ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Oh, Big Kitties, the Kougar lost track of time, she was so lost in the depths of her edits.
November 22,1963 ~ the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States of America ~ a terrible wound our beloved country has never recovered from, in moi’s humble opinion.
What is scary synchronicity for the Kougar? Her novel, Murder By Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis, a 2051 futuristic, has a plot thread about the assassination, and the descendants of JFK.
And what is even more freaky, after Midnight, last night, Ian Punnett was speaking about the annual Coast-to-Coast show on the Kennedy assassination, just as the Kougar was looking up a detail about John Kennedy, Jr. on the Wikipedia page devoted to our 35th president. What was so double freaky, is that both happened simultaneously. The Wiki page flashed up, just as Ian spoke JFK’s name for the first time that night on the program. So, the Kougar is staring at a presidential photo of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as Ian is speaking his name. On November 22, 2008.

A snippet from Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~

“Can it wait?” Kalypso asked, referring to whatever he’d received on his vid.
Zryphus frowned, still reading his vid. “The three rings in Jackie O’s white satin bag, my team found the former owner. One Giselle Fontaine. DNA search on her revealed she’s a great granddaughter of John Kennedy, Jr., murdered son of Jacqueline Kennedy.”


What it all means, the Kougar doesn’t have a meow-clue, except that it did occur. And, in all sadness and candor, she misses what it was like to live when John F. Kennedy was our president. There was a prevailing innocense, a goodness of spirit and heart, and a hope...all at the same time...which simply doesn’t exist now.

A sad smooch from the Kougar...

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