Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Happened to *Sweep You Off Your Feet* Passion?

Oh, Kitkats, a busy shopping hunt for the Kougar today. Good meow late, moi is currently burning her eye sockets looking for a couple to star on the cover of her novel, MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS, coming from Siren-Bookstrand ~ so far, yowling-argh, not much luck!!! With maybe one possibility, except the Kougaress has no idea where the pic came from, or who owns it, or even if it’s available for cover art, since it was on Photobucket, moi will post it...and if any Big Wonderful Cat out there knows anything...all info appreciated.
What happened to *Sweep You Off Your Feet* Passion? Most of the photos the Kougar looked at were tepid...romantic, yes...sweet, yes...passionate in a way...and showy-carnal...but, certainly not the passion of GONE WITH THE WIND, for roaring-example.

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ On the Alpha Male chat loop it was Heroes Who Spank day ~

Do My Heroes Spank...?

In ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ Baron Zaggry teases Lady Sheridan’s presented bottom with a leather crop. However, since she must train for, then ride in the Braverth, a warhorse sport, to save their horse lands ~ he’s careful not to ‘spank’ his slave lover too hard.

In WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS ~ Volcano, my carnal cherub hero, lets Sedona know he will spank her, to her complete shock, if she doesn’t obey him in certain matters. After all, he’s been divinely ‘assigned’ to protect her, and care for her. Their mission: save Earth for humanity during the 2012 Winter Solstice.

However, since I don’t have any really good ‘spanking’ scenes in any my published books, yet ~ here’s a scene from a WIP, that has been adapted into Flash Fiction ~


Heroine ~ Sandia - Her Code Name
After a skiing accident where she technically died, Sandia was resurrected by friendly beings from another planet-world, who brought her to a hidden underground base, where humans and aliens work together on super secret projects.

Hero ~ Security Agent Drovv Zeghet of the V-Force
Drovv is supposed to be enjoying R&R on planet Earth, at a facility friendly to his people and other alien races. However, his world’s Princess has gone on another sex spree, pleasuring Earth men to death. Her father enlists Drovv to find stop her. The key to finding her, the Princess’s uniquely designed ring.


Tempted to touch the weird foam, she didn’t, unprepared for the horrible consequences, like her fingers melting off.
I’m melting. I’m melting. Sandia never knew if she remembered the Wizard of Oz from her childhood, or knew the movie because she’d seen it as part of her re-education program.
Shaking her head once, she turned toward the path. The icky foam had simply disappeared. A gleam embedded in the grass halted her. Tiny, radiating beautifully in a fan shape, it was like nothing she’d seen before. Entranced, Sandia slowly moved toward it. Dropping the branches, she bent over, peering intently.


His orb ship cloaked, Drovv entered Earth’s gooey atmosphere. Remaining on the standard entry vectors, he sent his code to Base. Accepted, he notified them of his new mission, time of arrival, with the Princess’s location unknown.
Drovv growled a few choice cuss words in his favorite language for rude crude expressions. Hurtling toward the North American continent, he honed in on the beam from the Princess’s ring. Forming a cloud around his ship, he slowed his descent, and sank over the southwest states. Near the curvature of Earth, the sun blazed white jewels of light over the Pacific ocean.


Sandia bent at the waist, staring at the bright glittering spot. “A fallen star?” she murmured, entertaining herself with the whimsical thought. “I don’t have a clue what you are. You do look like a tiny, tiny piece of a star ... stardust.” Her imagination soared, stardust sprinkling down from the cosmos, magically gracing Earth.
Not feeling any heat on her face, Sandia bent a bit closer, seeing the outline of a circle. “Like a ring...amazing,” she whispered. Enchanted and intrigued, she looked at the branches she’d dropped, checking for a twig small enough to lift up the star ring.


“Nada,” she whispered. Daring her forefinger closer, she inhaled a deep breath. Slowly Sandia immersed her fingertip in the stardust shimmer around the ring. Cool. No heat at all.
“Wow!” Delicately she picked the ring up. “All that glitters isn’t gold.” Inspecting the strange mystical ring, she raised it higher. “All that star glitters...”
Sandia screamed. Brutal male arms encircled her waist, jerking her off her feet. Her air cut off, she sputtered, struggled. “No!” she screamed as the bear-muscled man slung her against his side, carrying her with one brawny arm. Rape flashed through her mind like a horror movie.


“I will kill you!” she raged, and twisted violently. Uselessly. His arm was a horrible vice.
“Good disguise, Princess. We’ll play this your way.”
What the freakin’ hell! Princess?
“Princess!” she shouted furiously. “I am not your princess.”
“You fail to remember our one lusty encounter.”
Whoever he was? He thought he knew her. Sandia didn’t know whether to feel some measure of relief – or...? God help her!
“I don’t know you! Put me down!” she ferociously ordered.
“I’ll put you down soon enough, Princess.”
Blood pounded in her head, making her dizzy. His gruff peculiar voice pounded through her...


What? Is he a Sasquatch wearing clothing?
“No!” she shrieked as he powerfully leapt up the cabin’s porch steps.
He sat down on the top step, surprising her. “All due force authorized, Princess.” He hauled her over his lap, face down.
His intention sliced though Sandia. Disbelief seized her for an instant. Then she screamed her lungs out. Only interrupted by the heavy smack of his hand on her bottom.
Sandia’s hands flew back, her butt stinging nastily. The beastly man manacled her wrists with one hand, then smacked her harder. Pain flared over her bottom. Enraged, she struggled wildly.


“I hate you!” she furiously screeched. As she fought his hold like a mad woman, her pain lessened.
“Come willingly with me, Princess. And I’ll spare your pretty round ass, my hand.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you!” As soon as the words blasted out of her mouth, the impossible beastly male spanked her harder.
Shocked to her core, her butt raw with pain, Sandia stilled. Her entire body. And inside herself. She barely breathed.
Feeling her emotion, Drovv stopped. The possibility this was not the Princess held him as still as the medical straps he endured for bio maintenance.


Drovv allowed the energetic waves of his punishment to enter his palm. Damn asteroid! Too much pain for this to be the Princess. Still...
The royal birthmark. Instantly, Drovv turned the woman on her side, and unzipped her jeans. Rolling her back over, he swiftly tugged down the pliable faded material.
No dragon birthmark on her left ass cheek. Instead, he stared at the curvaceous beauty of the woman’s butt, deeply reddened by his hand.
Immediately correcting his error, Drovv caressed her generous curves, drawing away the fiery soreness. She was softer, and more voluptuous than the Princess.
Carnal inviting...


Star blast him! She was exceptionally beautiful. And too lush beneath his hand.
“What are you doing?”
Her voice, hesitant, small...yet, she expected his answer.
“A case of mistaken identity.” He spoke with lawful authority.
She paused, and took a deep a breath. “I told you I wasn’t this Princess. Let me up now.”
Her authority stabbed through him, righteousness, innocense...and something else.
He decided she carried the human warrioress gene, probably Viking. Because of her fair ivory skin, and gentle freckling. Because of her red hair, not fiery red. But flaming gold tumbling sexily to her waist.


Her tresses were similar to the Princess, yet more beautiful. He wondered how red the hair was on her sex.
“Quit rubbing,” she demanded. “Quit! – looking.”
That was the last starhole thing he wanted. “A spanking you deserved, and never received,” he growled.
She stiffened like a plank.
“I wouldn’t know.” A wind could have stolen her words. Unless, he’d bio-tuned himself to her.
“Ever kinky spank a woman?” she whispered. Frightened and excited, she dared herself, and him.
Drovv didn’t need a second invitation. Keeping her wrists imprisoned, he lightly smacked her ass. Her pink-stained cheeks jiggled, seducing him.

Smooches and swats from the Kougar...

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