Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Flash in Five Hundred...

Wintry temps on the tame prairie, my Big Holiday Kitties...a frosting of snow and a cold blowing wind all day. Meow and moi wishes for a warm crackling fire to curl up next to, for a little comfy snoozle.
But no, the Kougar is hard at work finishing up the final run through of edits for MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand. And a lot of fun it is reading through her story.
Once again *sad pouting expression* the Kougar Kat had to forego Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver SEx blog with the talented author, Lisa Andel, hosting ~

However, just for the Big Cool Cats ~ a holiday flash in five hundred words ~ part one begins ~

Santa Baby, Waitin’ Just for You...

Part One ~

Rarely reckless, Kaily flung off the negligee she’d first thought to wear. It landed in a red ephemeral heap beside the tastefully trimmed Christmas tree. So what if she’d just broken into his house...well, she hadn’t exactly broken in...more like she spied on him until she found out where he hid the extra key...lodged in a crack of the frame above the door of the Victorian mansion he’d resurrected, and obviously treasured.
The only thing amiss in the traditional holiday atmosphere he’d created with the help of the town’s local historical club, had been a long waving sash of garish red ribbon with a simple bow attached to one end. It certainly didn’t belong on the floor as a decoration, and she couldn’t see anywhere else it did belong...except wrapped around her. Since she was giving herself to him as a gift for Christmas...well, why not?
Wildly inspired, she arranged the ribbon around her naked body...naked except for a gold ankle bracelet, her *I want to seduce you earrings* and a whimsical pair of faux-fur trimmed santa boots. If he was gay he might just chuckle *ho ho ho*, and turn it all into a joke. If he wasn’t gay, but didn’t want to take what she was offering, he could have a holly jolly laugh at her expense, and politely show her the door.
It was too true, her curiosity raged out of control, even causing her sleepless nights. He’d sauntered into her small town last December, paid cash for the dilapidated but proud old Victorian, then set about restoring with a vengeance, while gaining the good will of everyone in town...well, almost everyone. Nessie Jones, the town’s librarian, didn’t like him. Of course, Nessie didn’t like anyone for any reason she could find. The love of her life was books and a mystery man she claimed to be married to, that no one ever saw.
Nessie always curled her lip and wrinkled her nose behind Dillon’s back, as if his deodorant had failed in its job...which might be case, since he always smelled smoky and impossibly virile to her. Which was often, since they were always running into each other, even though she did try to avoid him, because of her obsession with knowing more about him. Why make herself look like a prize-trussed fool in front of everyone by groping him with questions.
Although, she did look rather trussed up, the way the long length of red ribbon was wound around her least, by what she could see from a slice of her reflection in the tall narrow mirror near the fireplace mantle. The bow dangling from one hand, Kaily wondered if she should place it over her well-furred pussy...or maybe between the swells of ber breasts...or maybe at the top of her ample-enough cleavage.
“Ooooh...Santa baby, waitin’ just for you,” she crooned like the song, then pursed her lips in attempt to look sexy.


Warm smooches from the Kougar...

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