Friday, November 14, 2008

What's Fun for Friday ?

This is definitely the Kougar’s idea of a fun Friday ~
He’s waiting for just for the Kougar kitten ~
More Friday night fun ~ What the Kougar dreaming-wishes she was really doing right now ~ dancing ~
This creation is from: Adrian Paul by Stephy Carter ~ ~

Evening, Big Cats, what IS fun for Friday? Or...yowl...actually for Saturday, now. The Kougar is a huge proponent of fun. Sadly, the type of carefree fun moi has envisioned since tiny cubhood, seems non-existent in this life experience. Perhaps, a strange dream to have for a kitkat girl, carefree fun. Certainly, there has not been one moment of actual carefree fun, the Kougaress has ever experienced. Meow-oops! Except when playing with her darling doggies.
Not that there’s been NO fun...yes, purrs and roars of fun, at times. For which, moi is verra, verra she is grateful for the panoramic view of breath-taking beauty outside her west-facing window. It was like the most superb, every-changing oil painting as the sun lowered on the horizon above the tame prairie during this windy chilly autumn day.
Fun comes in many shapes, sizes and in all manner of different ways and expressions. The Kougar believes as times worsen for many, that FUN will become something more and more seek out. Not just cheap thrills or the bling-bling celebrity affairs of today. No, the kind of fun which borders on living a take-me-away fantasy. The supper dance clubs of the 30's and 40's, for example. What sells the best during hard economic times. Well, let the booze and the good times flow...or roll, baby, roll...from the speakeasies to the elegant dressed-to-the-nines clubs, and every place of entertainment between...jazz clubs, big band swing, and affordable movie houses...
Or, the emerging realm of e-books with a whole universe of stories to escape into...perhaps, good news for all of us small print authors. Maybe...*insert languid big cat shrug here*...although, on a personal tail-flicking note, the Kougar would rather have good times for us all, than this way of achieving better e-book sales.
Still, the world will need new types of entertainment suited to the times ahead. Consider, the upbeat music, songs and the light-heated silverscreen movies. Just around the corner now? And adapted to the new tech modalities? Also, adapted to the new communities, who will come together during this time. Square dancing, anyone? Or good old-fashioned baseball? How about a new type of Renaissance Festival? What will we invent and re-invent as a culture?

For some new FREE reading fun, my Big KitKats...

Romantic Synonymous - for incurable romantics...

Hey everyone, have you had chance to check out *the never-ending story*...?
This is the brainstorm of Siren-BookStrand author, Judah Raine, and here’s the intro at ~ ~

I'm running a Siren-Bookstrand Author challenge - an ongoing "group" romance. The Purpose? A whole lot of fun! The Rules? Very simply, each author has to pick up and add to the storyline, with a limit of up to 300 words per entry. They also have to end their entry on an "open" line, i.e. not complete a conversation, or scene, etc. so that the author following has just that much more of a challenge. Readers (and other authors) can add comments, make suggestions, etc. (Please, let's keep these "fun" - i.e. no "bashing" of any kind, no abusive language, etc.) The biggest rule, though, is the Purpose - HAVE FUN!!

Judah Raine
Pam Champagne
Jami Davenport
Savanna Kougar
Nikki Sinclaire
Jane Leopold Quinn

Part IV has just been posted...

Friday fun smooch from the Kougar...

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