Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wicked Vibes

Meow-yowl, the vibes are wicked today, my Big Beautiful Cats. Not the manner of seductively wicked scene the Kougar would enjoy paw-penning in her novels. No, the Kougar’s electricity flicked on and off, not good on the computer...turns out the Electric Co-op was working on the lines, and cutting down limbs in the way, in preparation for winter...a good thing, actually.
First, though, the phone line went out, and the customer service lady while polite, was mighty recalcitrant, practically insisting it was an inside problem...nooooo, it was not!!! Never mind, the Kougaress reminded her, that our beloved US of A is, in fact, a third world nation, overall, when it comes to phone and computer access technologies...due to the incomparable greed of the corporate elite in charge of the phone companies, who took the government monies, and ran, not installing fiber optic lines where promised, many years ago.
But what’s roaring-new?
Then, also a sad scene in nature, the Kougar won’t go into...too heart-breaking.
So...thump, thump slapping her tail with frustration, the Kougar didn’t get done what she’d hoped...although, some promo did happen at the Novel SisterHood chat loop for Siren-BookStrand Author’s day...and on the Alpha Males and Their Authors chat loop...because it was furry shifters day, and the silly Kougar girl finally remembered stallion shifters are furry, too. Prince Ziocese, moi’s stallion shapeshifter in TANGERINE CARNAL DREAMS, had his galloping blurb and excerpt chance.
Christmas seems to be all the topic-rage, replacing Halloween. Yet, the Kougar has always had a huge fondness for Thanksgiving, the meaning and the Turkey.

*LATE LATE NIGHT GOOD EVENING*...the Kougar’s bloggie was interrupted by the lightning which came along with heavy rainstorms...and is still active, however not as it was...
A purring ponder, since Thanksgiving is on the way, perhaps a little journaling of ‘good things’ to be thankful for, is in divine order. Today? The rains are needed to keep moi’s beloved tame prairie thriving...the Kougar is grateful.

Just for the Big Cool Cats ~ moi’s first flash-ing with an added flash ~


inspected the splendidly muscled racing stallion, sliding her experienced hands all over his sculpted sleek body. The more she stroked over him, the more the blood bay stallion she thought to use for her mare, arched his neck and stood at attention. "You’re perfect," she softly crooned, her breath touching his cheek. "Where’s your master? – So, I can make arrangements for your services."
She frowned, impatiently shaking her long diva-red hair. Her favorite mare had come into heat. Where...?
"He’s mine...Sherrana."
That deep unforgettable voice.
She whirled toward the man who had abandoned her on their wedding night.

A stormwind not to be stopped, the word slipped past her lips. Sherrana regretted it. No, she should have launched at him, savage as a red cougaress, her claws striking his face, ripping down his body.
Instead, she remained stoically civilized, pivoting from him, a coward. Her heart threatening to pump out of her chest, she strode down the grassy incline.
If she hadn’t been focused on a faster-than-light escape...if her blood hadn’t been roaring in her ears, she might have heard his running footsteps.
She landed on the ground, beneath him. He did not just tackle me!

by her red fury, Sherrana whipped around, and would have kneed his balls, if he hadn’t crushed her with his muscled weight and caught hold of her wrists.
"Listen," he ordered, a plea edging his tone.
"No. Never." Feeling her own glare of hatred leap out at him, she spat, "Get off me."
"Not until you listen." He didn’t move a fraction, his golden eyes scorching her face with their intensity.
Enraged, Sherrana whipped wildly, fighting to free herself. Still, his barbaric strength kept her a prisoner. Curling forward like a wildcat, she sank her teeth into his shoulder.

November 6, 2008

The low desperate sound of her name poured inside her ear, and along with it, his agony. Not from the pain of her teeth, clamped and twisting the hard flesh of his shoulder. He hadn’t so much as flinched at her battling savagery. His capture of her remained as fierce, as dominant.
No, only for a split second had his body stiffened.
And now, his damn manhood stiffened. Cradled by her belly, it bulged, quickly becoming a heavy thrust violating her body. Summoning all the strength she possessed, Sherrana bit him more cruelly. Her fury unstoppable, she tasted blood.

Weary, but wicked smooch from the Kougar...

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