Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Raorrrr... hunk-tastic.... this word sprang to the Kougar’s mind for the Tuesday Hottie featured on the blog of romance author, Paige Tyler ~ http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/ ~ this is a different personal-fave Adrian Paul hunk-tastic pic ~

Menage Monday at Siren-BookStrand ~ roar about hunks-tastic ~ Monday will be the release day of Siren’s new Menage Amour imprint ~ this week it was *stop all the heavy hot panting out there* ~

Winning Virgin, Book 3
Sebastian Sabbat watched her from the side rail. She moved like a
hellcat across the dance floor with sultry ease and precision. Such
calculated motions would send Madonna back to the dance studio. Hell
yeah, they would. His rising cock stood at enough attention to know why.
If she twisted her ass in bed like her dancing proved, then those
already persecuted would stand ready with envy when he took her there.
For more! Claw click on this link ~
http://sirenbookstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=\174 ~

Here, kitty: Cop expects house cat, gets cougar
September 30, 2008 2:24 PM EDT
CASPER, Wyo. - A police officer didn't think much of a call to shoo off a bothersome "kitty cat" at a Casper home on Monday. But after the officer arrived at the home, he ran for cover after seeing a male mountain lion weighing 80 to 90 pounds.
Beverly Hood said she was inside when she first saw the mountain lion lying on her porch Monday. Hood said the lion hissed at her, but she wasn't scared.
She called 911, animal control and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and reported that she had a bothersome "big cat." A dispatcher told Officer Mike Ableman that it was a house cat.
A game warden tranquilized the mountain lion and the animal was relocated.

Psssst-purr, looks like Luke, the magnificent mountain lion, as he prefers to be called, took a little cat nap on the wrong porch. Then he was forced to take a drug-induced siesta. Moi can tell you his head is pounding as we meow.

Tomorrow the Kougar Kat will blog at Title Magic. Purring-ponder...she has no clue about what topic...yet. Well yawn and a flick of her tail, mew-maybe about the minefield of promo-ing, what works and what doesn’t...a big idle shrug...this Big Cat girl has no real clue???

Now! Just for the Big Cool Cats a claw snippet from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

Her flame shot the center of his chest. Harmlessly.
"Oh no!" She snatched her hand from beneath his. "Sorry."
"I’m not harmed, Princess. Everything is okay," Zotorro soothed.
"Maybe, but I wish all of you would quit saying it. Even if it is, it doesn’t feel okay."
She stressed ‘okay’, then sighed poignantly, tripping his heart for her. Besides, the expression on her face was utterly adorable, if sad.
"Wendy." Zavier’s rasp knifed through the air.
She stilled completely, then whipped around, her butt shoving against his lengthening cock, her shirt only a thin barrier. Zotorro felt the shock waves ripple through her body as he gripped the extreme hourglass curve of her waist. "He needs you to help him heal," he explained.
"Needs?" she repeated.
Zavier tossed off the blanket.
"Ohmygod. Holy tower of need."

Holy smooch from the Kougar...

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