Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Novel Work in Progress

Good close-to-midnight evening, my Beautiful Big Cats, the Kougar picked up a bountiful supply of apples, and done wore her little kitty self out today.
Hence, the start on another novel work in progress, mentally less of a challenge than working on THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~ Purring hint, my Super Cool Cats these song lyrics...SuperMan where are you now?...played as the bumper music on Coast-to-Coastam last night...and was a complete woo-woo synchronicity while the Kougar penned away...
Meow-please, Big Cats who adore otherworld erotic romance, no worries over this beginning and very unedited’s story begins in contemporary times, but quickly takes a paranormal detour into another place, another time...the pic provides the clue...

From: Branded by the Texans ~

Tears quietly slid down Kylie’s heated cheeks. She squeezed the bars of the jail cell harder, feeling surreal, as if she watched herself in a movie. The cool metal heated rapidly, and she noticed her knuckles had become a sickening bloodless white.
For the thousandth time, she asked herself how the fuck hell she was getting out of this mess. She’d done nothing wrong. Yet, here she was, alone, the foul stench of un-flushed human waste seeping into her skin and clothes.
Bill, her housemate and ex-lover, had taken off for the weekend to visit his undergraduate buds, some good-times geek hangout outside of Charleston. Refusing to sniffle, Kylie stiffened her jaw, and stared straight ahead, seeing nothing.
Saturday night, she had no one to call, even if they’d allowed her the so-called one phone call. No, she’d been denied. Threatened with being thrown in the drunk tank. The officer had gripped her upper arm, shoving toward the cell door. The sour smell of vomit had been so vile, she’d merely nodded her acquiescence, and allowed him to lock her inside. So, no phone call.
Keeping her breaths short and shallow, she swallowed down the urge to retch, her throat tight and raw. Glancing at her knuckles she wondered if she should be feeling pain by now.
Yeah, like some over-worked under-paid public defender would do her any good, even if they forced her to get one. At least, she’d remained completely silent when they’d badgered her over and over to confess to a crime she hadn’t committed. No, that wasn’t going to happen.
She’d had a first-hand view of how ‘the system’ worked when her baby sister had been accused of assaulting her ex-husband. Only the fact that a neighbor had come forward with a video of her ex wielding a baseball bat, given it to the lawyer her parents paid for by mortgaging their house to the hilt, had finally saved her sister from being sent to prison.
Fucking damn hell, there was no way she could afford a lawyer. All her money had been spent on her university graduate classes. On her botany experiments, the reason she now felt claustrophobic and scared down to her numb clenched toes. Apparently grow lights in a basement and a large energy bill meant an automatic raid from the SWAT team. News to her, but not surprising, given the Youtube vids she’d watched of police abuses.
Her tears flowed faster, her tongue automatically catching the wet saltiness before she could halt it. Scenarios of a horrible future spent in prison seized her mind. The two cops who’d interrogated her had already demanded she give up all the names of the people she sold her pot to. For a few nightmare moments, she’d thought about giving them false names for all the false customers. Until she realized there might be someone with that false name, who would now be accused of something they hadn’t done. Like her.
Attempting to calm herself, Kylie tightly closed her eyes, and pressed her forehead against the bars. Oh God, Goddess...Whoever...

Another novel smooch from the Kougar...

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