Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meltdown, who needs Wall Street...

Truth to yowl, my Big Lovely Cats, the Kougar’s life has been in meltdown mode for the last couple of decades. So, Wall Street is just catching up with a lot of us in the same boat, and, unfortunately, it ain’t the Ark.
The solution? You is for all of us to create our own communities, real trading communities where we exchange real goods and services. One good model is the Amish communities. No, it doesn’t have to be about religion, or embracing that manner of austerity, or their particular belief system. However, the Kougar deeply respects the basics of what the Amish and similar groups have created, a self-sustaining lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. Now, that’s family.
Yes, roar. It is much easier ‘talked about’, than done. However, we, as Americans, can achieve whatever we set our minds and hearts upon. That part is real simple. Achieving our own brand of a self-sustaining lifestyle once we’ve set our hearts and minds upon that worthy goal...not so simple, but definitely doable.
Back to the beginning, my sweet little kitties (hehehe)...the maiden flash...what began the Kougar’s swiftly escalating enjoyment of The Flash, or Flash’s very first flash...written February 2008...
And! an added Flash, penned first, just for the Big Cool Cats ~



inspected the splendidly muscled racing stallion, sliding her experienced hands all over his sculpted sleek body. The more she stroked over him, the more the blood bay stallion she thought to use for her mare, arched his neck and stood at attention. "You’re perfect," she softly crooned, her breath touching his cheek. "Where’s your master? – So, I can make arrangements for your services."
She frowned, impatiently shaking her long diva-red hair. Her favorite mare had come into heat. Where...?
"He’s mine...Sherrana."
That deep unforgettable voice.
She whirled toward the man who had abandoned her on their wedding night.


A stormwind not to be stopped, the word slipped past her lips. Sherrana regretted it. No, she should have launched at him, savage as a red cougaress, her claws striking his face, ripping down his body.
Instead, she remained stoically civilized, pivoting from him, a coward. Her heart threatening to pump out of her chest, she strode down the grassy incline.
If she hadn’t been focused on a faster-than-light escape...if her blood hadn’t been roaring in her ears, she might have heard his running footsteps.
She landed on the ground, beneath him. He did not just tackle me!

Maiden kiss and flash from the Kougar...

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