Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nobody Likes Ike, not anymore...

Remember, my Big Cats? I LIKE IKE, that was the campaign slogan for President Eisenhower. Nope, now, no one likes Ike, except for Haliburton and friends, one of the spidery arms of the military industrial complex. You remember, the one Eisenhower warned us all against.

Today the Kougar burned her little eyeballs, courtesy of the white screen backgrounds of two chat loops. Yep, frenzied fun and good author times with her Siren and BookStrand sisters at Talking Two Lips, meow and frisky sexy-waving tail. Also, Tina Burns, top gal at Liquid Silver Books, chatted on Romance Lives Forever. The Kougaress adores these cyber get togethers, for one purr, moi enjoys getting to know more about those she appreciates. And for another couple of purrs, moi learns a lot and enjoys the comradrie, not to mention rumble-purring over the steamy excerpts.

It's a rain-lazy day...all Cuddly Big Cats. Fortunately, the Kougar is not about to float away...yet. Yowl! Too late to start building that ark, which moi wouldn't know the first thingie about constructing, anyway.

Tomorrow...flashing...flashing...over at the Liquid Silver SEx blog.

And on MONDAY! the launch of Ménage Amour, Siren's newest imprint with WINNING VIRGIN LOVE by Destiny Blaine.

And just for the favorite Big Cats, a claw snippet from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

"The only thing ‘waiting’ on ice is a brain with your name on it. I hear your due to get the replacement soon."
Scratch Bowler snarled with a deadly viciousness most people fled from, their euphemistic tails tucked between their legs.
"They might as well be resting on ice waitin’ for the laser’s slice. Yer all dead. Worse than dead. I might do a little pre-carving. Let you feel the agony before the final ‘lights out’."
"Advance," she whispered. "The copters."
"Stop the attack," Zion growled the command. "Now. Or your copters will be feeling the agony before their lights go out. Got it? Or has your brain gone completely dead?"

Adrian Paul? The pic above ~ He's just so immortal adorable!

Smooch for a ride on the Ark, from the Kougar...


Destiny Blaine said...

Hey Savanna!

Thank you so much for mentioning Winning Virgin Love here! :)) The Ménage Amour Collection at Siren is now 'officially' launched and on Monday, Jenny Penn has a new novel Patton's Way, to add to the line up!

Stop by my loop soon!

Destiny :))

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Destiny. I'll definitely join in the Menage fun on Monday...sorry about my lack of timeliness in the launch date. Just too much for me to keep up with, lol.