Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Sour Grapes Challenge

Or the sour grapes challenge to know SHE of the book club, my Beautiful Big Cats. A few days ago on the ticker news, there it was: a poke in the cats eye and the latest book club recommendation. No big scratch of the hide, really. Until, reading the blurblet about this debut novel being above so many others read by Ms. Winfrey lately. Okay, a swish or two of the tail, so big what? However the poke in the eye became a poke to moi’s pride, pride as in ego, not pride as in a lion’s pride.
The challenge ~ the Kougar stalks on dangerous ground here...even if, purr-purr, she absolutely adores the color purple...grape purple and meow-yep, the film too.
Knowing this yowl will land on deaf ears, 100% probably...still, the intrepid Kougar strides onward. Yes and another loud meow, the Kougaress has a deep fondness and respect for Oprah, always has, always will...although, for a long while, the topics of the show have little to do with moi’s life, all that bliss and buzz of glamor, the never-ending trail to what’s chic in the world of the politically correct...never mew mind...the Kougar is completely off her own topic trail now.
A big paw swat away of any more socially redeeming cat commentary.
Nope and roar, why can’t romance novels, or sizzle erotic romance novels, be as singularly important in their story, their message, as whatever is considered impressively literary now...whatever that book animal is now...the Kougar has no idea, and doesn’t want to hunt it down. Ever. Not ever again. Long ago, the taste was simply too horrific...which is NOT to roar against talented fiction authors, or their novels. NOT AT ALL. Insert *ALL PROPER KUDOS GIVEN OUT HERE*.
Yowl! yet another complex and complicated issue, which must be batted out of the sky like a low-flying bird by the Kougar...the current literary fiction scene.
The sour grapes challenge to Oprah? the challenge from the Kougar, Oprah will never know moi is completely safe from any manner of response, or publicity. Yay!
The challenge is: The Kougar will match her novel, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, against any novel Ms. Winfrey has ever read , and then featured on her book club.


This snippet from Dark Angel Reviewer, Frost, about sums it up ~

"WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS is a complicated futuristic tale with strong overtones of the Judeo-Christian religious tradition. The new spin on this is the existence of good angels fallen to Earth, unaware of their exact nature and of the roles they are to play in the destiny of humanity.
...Ms. Kougar's explication of the nature of fallen angels-good and bad-makes for an intriguing speculation, though, and demonstrates that hope can exist even in the midst of the bleakest situations."

Sour grapes smooch from the Kougar...

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