Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Ten Reasons he might be a stallion shifter...

AFD, after the deluge, my Gorgeous Big Cats. The Kougar hasn't experienced this much rain for probably a decade now. An actual nearly two days of steadily raining...a true miracle...meow! This way of raining used to occur until the drought conditions of, at yowling least, the past seven years. So, this could be Hurricane or Himmacane Gustav's silver lining? Or, the unintended consequences of those engaging in the weather wars, that some authorities in various disciplines believe through various types of evidence, is going on.
Oh, Big Kitties, the moon is a low hung crescent and a delicious shade of orange sherbet, right now. And sundown, absolutely phenomenal. The western sky was painted in luminous pinks and oranges, and glistened as if created from flame.
News purring funsies ~ last night moi excitedly enjoyed the announcement of Black Cat Beauty under Coming Soon on the Liquid Silver forum ~ http://liquidsilverbooks/forum ~ and attached blurbage. Happily whipping tail also, Tangerine Carnal Dreams from Aspen Mountain Press, is at FictionWise.
So, just for the Big Cool Cats, the last part of the Kougar's blog on Title Magic yesterday. Who roaring knows, these top ten reasons could be important info when you make that next galactic trip.

So, you’re relaxing, hanging out at the local bar and dance club near the Heroux spaceport, before you head out on the next passenger transport, and return to your home world. Your assignment has been a rough one, but the intel you’ve gathered will stop one of the galactic crime syndicates from corrupting your government.
Leaning on one hip against the bar, an immense sleek structure that gradually curves along the shape of the dome structure itself, you sip on a red scorpion ale...bitter, potent, yet spiced deliciously...while watching the local inhabitants gregariously interact and dance with an eclectic mixture of other races. Given this is a sea water planet-moon, the humanoids are evolved from squid and dolphin genes. Their indigo shades of skin are covered with pearlescent hues of every color.
You’ve seen similar scenes, at least, a hundred times before. Yet it never loses its appeal or its fascination to your eye. Besides, there’s always something to learn that could save your hide in the cosmic badlands, or wherever you’re on assignment.
It’s no surprise when a handsome, looking-for-a-ride man saunters toward you, the wicked gleam in his eyes shooting toward you like a pulse weapon. From the looks of him he could be from your home world, except for his taller height, and his thick long mane of hair. And well, if your gaze lowers...there’s that obvious size difference.
However, is he an equine shapeshifter? Notorious for chasing a woman through the gates of any hell to possess the powerful stallion he is...

Here it is, the help you need: The top ten reasons he might be a stallion shapeshifter.

10. As he approaches, his gait subtly alters to a studly prance, as if you’re a filly he’s scented.

9. He flashes his gaze over you, then slowly turns the corners of his mouth up in a bold you-want-me flirtation. And strangely, he seems to arch his neck in a demonstration of prowess.

8. When you glare a fierce warning that you’re not in the least interested, he grins with confident charm, leans against the bar and arrogantly props himself up on one elbow, just out of reach of your kick, as if you had hooves.

7. After ordering an oat molasses brew, he tosses his mane of hair magnificently, then flares his nostril in your direction.

6. When you pointedly ignore him, yet keep a watch from the corner of your eye because he could be an assassin on your trail, or a slaver after you for the sex market, he idly quaffs his brew, and keeps his own protective watch. Not to mention his entire posture is a warning to every male ~ stay away, or risk a savage kick to the groin.

5. Irritation firing through your veins, you hiss a loud sigh, and partially face him, then scowl like a reptoid demoness. He takes that as an invitation to join you, his demeanor utterly virile as he moves beside you.

4. When you demand he leave in galactic vernacular, he merely leans closer and it suddenly feels like he’s snuffling your face. Gently.

3. As you reach for your side weapon, disguised as a tiny payment clip, he nuzzles along your neck, and involuntarily your fingers let go. Then while blushing wildly, you try to contain your silly heaving breaths.

2. In an effort to save yourself from his seduction you begin to shove away from the bar, but he nips your shoulder sending frissons of pleasure to your core.

1. When you protest in your own language, murmuring, No ... he nuzzles the rim of your ear passionately, and whispers, Want to take me for a ride?

While this is not an actual scene in my novella, Tangerine Carnal Dreams, it was certainly inspired by my stallion shapeshifting hero, and my kickassitude heroine.

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ ~
Tangerine Carnal Dreams...a fire-shooting fierce woman...a shapeshifting prince of a stallion...and the tangerine aphrodisiac winds on a world far away...Available from Aspen Mountain Press ~ ~

After the rain kisses from the Kougar...

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