Friday, September 26, 2008

Black Cat Fever at Liquid Silver

Sundown is an ephemeral lovely orange this evening, my Darling Big Cats, and the Kougar is gently reeling about like a typical movie drunk, attempting to accomplish everything, but not really getting enough done. Meow! And owee!
Saturday, tomorrow, moi will be blogging at Liquid Silver Sexpressions ~ ~ Purring-rumble yes, the Kougar will be featuring what the Big Cool Cats have already laid their bejeweled blinking eyes upon, her past blog on August 30 ~ the Top Ten Reasons why you might have Black Cat Fever ~
What the Big Kitties haven’t seen, yowl yet, is moi’s own little drawing/painting of her heroine, Sable Kiki, in her black cat form. If your curiosity has you by the whiskers, it will be presented tomorrow on the LSB blog. And Sable’s shifter halloween story, Black Cat Beauty, will be coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.

Angie Fox, author of The Accidental Demon Slayer, is the guest blogger at Title Magic ~ ~ today. You don’t want to miss this witchy biker fun, my Big Cats.
Moi’s mew-sings
Angie, thanks for such a fun blog. Congrats on hitting the NY bestseller list! I've been on a couple of motorcycles, but never had the Harley experience...yet, and darn it!
Yep, it's truly me! My secret, now, not secret identity. It's ta-da!
Pretzel Legged Peggy Hard Rider ~
Hey, is this new title for your latest book?

And yesterday on Title Magic, ATIV finalist, Pat Cunningham blogged, FROM PUN TO PUBLISHED: SNAKE IN THE GLASS, about how she created her short story, SNAKE IN THE GLASS, which will be featured in an upcoming issue of a new e-zine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies ~ ~ is a new online magazine of literary adventure fantasy, and will release its debut issue on Thursday, October 9.
Moi’s further mew-sings
Yeah, all men are beasts...
hopefully, the beasts we love to tame, or keep untamed.
However, two of my shapeshifters beasties are girls ~ Sun Rocket in Red Lioness Tamed & Sable Kiki in Black Cat Beauty.
Now in Tangerine Carnal Dreams the hero, Zio, is a stallion beast.

Now, my Gorgeous Big Cats, just for you ~ a claw snippet from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

"She’s already sexually shifted," Zavier interrupted.
"I should have known the way–" Zotorro halted, then buried his nose in her hair, inhaling the fragrance of the shampoo Zavier had used earlier, blended with her unique rosefire scent.
"By the way you lanced into her. By the way she gave you her sweet hole."

Fevered kiss from the Kougar...

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