Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Price of Picking Up Apples

Meow-ahhh, my Lovely Big Kitties, the Kougar has put a huge ole’ dent in her health, picking up the fantastic abundance of apples from her trees, which are so good for her health. Or welcome to Paradox Central, if you will...darned if you do, darned if you don’t.
So yowl, please forgive the kitty girl for any mistakes or lack of quality in this bloggie.

Pic note: it's taken forever! to upload a pic. This is the second choice. Not that this is a second choice man!!! Consider this the human male of form of the Were-dingo, Zhet.
So, the other day on the ATIV finalist loop, Pat Cunningham mentioned Samhain, small print e-publisher, one of the most successful, is inviting shape-shifter submissions. Check their submission page for details, cause the Kougar doesn’t have the most current info...currently.
The running silliness between moi and the yours cat truly, has been about sending our were-dingo stories. Every other animal gets to be a Were or shapeshifter, why not dingos?
For all moi knows, there are probably were-dingos already romping the storied lands out there.
But will this big cat authoress have time to complete her were-dingo’s story before February 2009? No feline earthly clue. Hiss and swatting paw aimed at the lack of time.
Tail-languidly swishing however, just for the Big Cool Cats, here is the first two paragraphs of the novella the dingo-inspired Kougar began several months back...
Were-Dingo, Roam Free and Proud
Roam free and proud....his sire’s words drummed through his mind, a steady beat, like Ringo Starr on the drums. Through the reddish-brown cloud of dust, Zhet watched the image of his sire form, speak again, his parting words to his firstborn son. They had journeyed through the caves of Earth, the ancient walk of the Elders from the InnerWorld to the surface, the OuterLand. This was his mission before assuming the ruling mantle of adulthood, to walk among the humans, their animals. To experience life on the OuterLand, primeval Earth, despite the monstrous city constructs with the never-ending drowning buzz of technology wrapping itself around the human population like the grid prisons, once common on ancient Saturn, the prisons his ancestors had escaped.
Mate the human bitches with enjoyment...his sire had begun with those words, his human shift hand on top of Zhet’s shoulder, his storm-dark gray eyes piercing Zhet’s deepest soul. Lap up their beauty as you would drink the precious waters of the Goddess Sanubis’ own bathing pool. Lick between their thighs. Lick the heat berries of their nipples. Yet, do not linger to love them with your heart. Remember, call no one your master as a dingo in this world. Run free and run proud.

A roar of warning ~ the following is not politically correct. So beware, my Big Cats, beautiful and faire.
Paul Newman, Hollywood’s anti-hero...for the rest of the headline, just Google. So, more purr-importantly, why did the 83 (11 or 2 in numerology) year old star of Cool Hand Luke, pass on to the other side like his character did? Now? From the Grand Cosmic Perspective, what might it mean?
The character, Cool Hand Luke was shot to death after the ‘failure to communicate’, in his bid for freedom. Quite simply, he refused to kneel before a false authority. His individual spirit wouldn’t allow for it, no matter how hard he fought himself, or how far he tried to run.
The world he lived in, the prevailing culture, had no room for those who dared to value freedom. Just as the British King and empire had no room for Patrick Henry, and those like him, during the Revolutionary war of our beloved republic, the United States of America.
"Give me liberty, or give me death", Patrick Henry’s most famous quote was seen by the arrogant Red Coats, not as the rallying point for the colonists to gain control of their lives, goods and lands, but as a bloody meaty bone to satisfy their slavering uncontrolled appetites for the empire...the empire, where the sun never sets.
Is it all in the divine timing as moi believes...the passing of Paul Newman? He of the astonishing gorgeous blue eyes. He, who represents the epitome of the handsome male rebel, the man who calls to a woman’s most reckless and passionate nature.
Headlines scream with everything Paul Newman today. Has the time come for the resurrection of the true anti-hero in our world? You know, like the obvious literary icon, Robin Hood. The rich, as you know, are determined to be bailed out by those of us who can’t afford the price of Starbuck’s coffee. Which begs the real question before us all as human beings, is it time to take back what has been Mafia-style stolen from all of us? Our future and our freedom. Our wealth.
If it is time, to take back our precious lives and livelihoods? If so, how do we accomplish this in the smartest, most effective and highest spiritual manner? Or, another real question: How important is your freedom to you, and to your loved ones?
And why don’t we all have golden parachutes to open up now, in this lessening economy? Heck, it would take less billions to bail out the average citizen, than to save the over-rich scoundrels with government welfare.
Meow-apologies, the Kougar gets carried away, since she absolutely adores freedom. The freedom to run the savannahs at full speed. And the freedom to live her true life. Not to mentions, she wishes such blessings for All.

Woozy-headed smooch from the Kougar...

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