Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thirteen Cowboys and their Horses...

For some reason the Kougar is unaware of...cause, meow-really, who gives a slicing claw for every trendy trail out there in cyberlandia or whereverlandia in the world, or out of this world...however, thirteen seems to be a magic number of choice...thirteen hunks of manly goodness...thirteen reasons, can the Kougar recall thirteen hunks of cowboy goodness she adored or had a big ole’ longing heart crush she grew up...?
Cue up Willie Nelson singing *my heroes have always been cowboys...*
#1 ~ The very first cowboy, and his horse, of course, the Kougar can remember ~ lasso him to your heart, ladies of yesteryear ~ Gene Autry on Champion, he was known as the singing cowboy. Actually, it was the noble Champion moi raced down to see very early every Saturday morning. The pic is from ~ ~
#2 ~ Roy Rogers and Trigger...the Kougar was utterly smitten with the golden palomino, Trigger!...there were no happier trails and that Roy was a real action hero guy...for them happy trail riding days. And Dale Evans on Buttermilk was no slouch either.
#3 ~ The Lone Ranger on Silver, that’s Hi Yo, Silver...never a better use for classical music than that opening...and, moi had quite the young girl, heart’s pitter-pat crush on the masked Lone Ranger. Although, the riding off into the sunset was always disappointing, hence, the lure of romance novels. The heroine does not get left behind!!!
#4 ~ Tonto on Scout, his paint horse. While not technically a cowboy, to the Kougar he was as handsome and attractive in his own way...hence, all those romance heroines who get their Indian heroes by the end of the story, ala Cassie Edwards. And to be naughty, wouldn’t that be a happy-ever-after menage?
#5 ~ Fury...okay, Fury is the rearing black stallion, the Kougar’s true love in this old Saturday morning tv series. However, Peter Graves was damn cowboy handsome as Jim Newton. And, race the wind, horsie fans, Fury has his own Wiki page.
#6 ~ Zorro and his incredible black horse, Toronado, or in english, Tornado, from the Sunday night Disney tv show...okay, again, not a cowboy, exactly. But masked and dangerously romantic to the Kougar’s young innocent heart. Oh breathless my, talk about a huge crush moi has never gotten over...of course, the grown-up version of Zorro, Antonio Banderos...can you say vigorous *between a woman’s thighs* while engaging in swordplay?
#7 ~ Adam Cartwright on Bonanza...the Saturnian older brother. Quiet take-charge sexy! His horse, Sport, doesn’t count, since it was Little Joe’s paint, Cochise, that the Kougar found really drool-worthy. Wow, now that was an old west series.
#8 ~ Rawhide...this tv series was a gritty look at what could occur on a cattle drive from San Antonia, Texas to Sedalia, Missouri...the Kougar didn’t have a heartthrob favorite, or it varied from show to show, actually...of course, this was the start of Clint Eastwood’s rise to stardom.
#9 ~ Bat Masterson ~ maybe not in strict order of crushdom, however, the Kougar had quite the girlhood thing for the dapper and always clever Bat Masterson.
#10 ~ The Texan, Rory Calhoun and his horse, Domino. The Kougar is starry-eyed in love with both of them. Nothing more *shiver* impressive than the opening as the Texan rides through town...Domino is one the most beautiful pintos that has ever lived. Sigh! And wish!
#11 ~ The Wild Wild West ~ Jim West...’nuff said.
#12 ~ Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the spaghetti western....although it was toss up between Clint and his horse. Actually, the horse won moi’s truest yearning about utterly gorgeous!
#13 ~ Obviously 13 is not enough...hmmm...who’s next on the cowboy hunk o’ deliciousness beneath a wide-brimmed hat and howdy ma’am list? Just for fun and strangelandia grins ~ Bruce Campbell, or Briscoe and Comet in TV’s Briscoe County Jr. series.
Big Cool Cats ~
Welcome to Synchronicity the Kougaress was penning her notable and noteworthy blog on 13 cowboys, what did she see? North Rawhide Road as an address on a TV commercial. Doo-doo-doooo...
On romance author, Nina Pierce’s blog, Around the Writer’s Block ~ ~ romance author, Roscoe James discussed ebook readers and the future in an understandable and savvy way.
Moi mew-sings ~
Wow, fascinating discussion as usual, everyone. I'll try to avoid what has already been covered, except to say, the quicker release of e-books, the much better price and the variety, are pluses which cannot be matched by the Big Boy publishers. Currently.
What is also true is that economy is taking a big ole' hunk of change out of their operations, which, unfortunately is not good for their authors. Or for the large bookstores.
I think one way to go for the future, is what I'm calling the home POD printer, which, when you download to your hard drive or to your reader, if you want the print version, you can simply print it out yourself, with whatever look or version you want, including the incredible cover art.
Now, that would be a system.

Cowgirl smooch from the Kougar...


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