Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Calm Before Another Storm

First flashing banner

Why does the Kougar feel this sharp claw of unease spreading out from her belly? A world stage event? Or....
Lovely evening, my Beautiful Big Cats, from the tame prairie. Definitely it feels like the calm before a storm. There are so many storms going on in the this another calm before another storm?
On to happier events. Via Google Alert the Kougaress discovered Tangerine Carnal Dreams from Aspen Mountain Press is now available for Amazon's Kindle ~ for all you Kindle lovers.
And! Ta-da! The ten finalists for the American Title V competition, sponsored by Dorchester publishing, have been announced on the RT blog of Romantic Times magazine. There's a fabulous surprise, which will be confirmed on Title Magic's Wednesday blog. A huge wave to ya' all, ATV newbies. And welcome to the AT family. Put on your helmets and your survival gear, it's not only going to be bumpy ride, but a roller coaster ride through heaven and hell. Enjoy!
My Big Splendid Cats, looks like some of the ultra spectacular sunsets are due to Kasatochi ~ enjoy this news snippet ~
Some skywatchers suspect that these views are being colored by the dust and gases injected into the atmosphere by the Aug. 7 eruption of Alaska's Kasatochi volcano. The skywatchers are probably right.
Kasatochi, part of the Aleutian Island chain, sent an ash plume more than 35,000 feet (10,600 meters) into the atmosphere when it erupted last month.

Gotta love Kasatochi for the name of a heroine. Meow fireworks! One with molten fire running through her veins, and a temper that explodes like a volcano. Hmmm....

On Title Magic ~ ~ yesterday, Thursday, Lexie wrote a blog on how she is learning to write 'hooks' ~ or that first line in a novel that grabs a reader and doesn't let go...and a short, but interesting discussion occurred, part of which moi will offer here...however, for the rest of story you know where to gleam those baby cat eyes...oh and make sure you check out Terry O'dell's blog ~ on His and Her Brains...excellent presentation!

Lexie, good post. I like the way you explained how you came to the 'hook'.I've noticed, that of course, I enjoy a good hook -- or a well-executed hook will draw me, but if the story doesn't follow suit, I quickly lose interest.I've also put down books where I felt 'forced' by the hook, as if I were a dang fish.
Terry, I agree with the first paragraph. I've never purchased a book on a first line only. Yeah, I may have been intrigued, and read further. But if the story doesn't take off from there...who cares?
It's like the hype of a news headline, there's often so much and really not much of a story, so then I just become immune to them.
Personally, my fave of yours is the second book.
When possible I like my first line to represent the tone of the story, or at least, represent the first scene which will launch the story.
IMHO, too often the first line really has little to do with the actual story. Although, I have noticed my publisher Liquid Silver really isn't into that hype first hook, but more into a certain type of story.
Actually, in my edits, so far, the first line has never been a problem.
Although, with Murder by Hair Spray, the editor might want me to shorten it like Flavia did in RT.
So, who knows???
Terry, I think you've done a fabulous job on the first sentence.
Lexie, just can't resist metaphors with the word 'hook' -- lol.

Hey Terry, the story is ALL. And every writer is different. Titles and first lines can come later.Guess what, I was just over at your blog on His and Her Brains. Wonderful presentation! And very helpful.Reading Men are from Mars, and Woman are from Venus -- all those years ago -- has really influenced my stories and my life.

Now just for the Big Cool Kitties ~ a claw snippet from THE SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT ~

Easing her from his rod, Zion let her slide downward, then steadied her against his frame. "Tornado, Wendy. Someone is attacking Chrontropolis."
"Oh devil damn," she whispered, then raised her hand up to her head, as if she felt woozy.
"Wendy, I’m going to dress. Find you something to wear."
"No. Go help..."
Zion didn’t wait on the rest of her words. He scooped her up carrying her to his bed. Laying her down, he spun into his casual gear, then sped inside his enormous closet area. Swiftly grabbing one of his summer khaki shirts, he returned. She rubbed her temples, her eyes dazed and blinking.
"I don’t think I’ll ever recover." Her tone was wistful, bewildered and definitely irritated.

Stormy kisses from the Kougar...

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