Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Stag Shifter Hero?

Rainy evening, my Big Cool Cats, a long time ago, in a far away galaxy, or so it feels to moi, the Kougar began a novel with a stag shifter hero, who ruled over his own moon realm in another galaxy, yet had a portal connected to the Earth's forests, conveniently designed for any period of history he decided upon.
Okay, since you didn't ask...the heroine? Abducted from late 80's Earth and turned into a cage-dancer, who the hero rescues because he wants her as his wife-mate. Only she's lost most of her memory due to an incorrect procedure to change her body chemistry, making her more adaptable to space flight, and life on other worlds.
Strangely convoluted you say...meow, true. However, the Kougar did receive fairly high contest marks when she entered the first three chapters in an RWA chapter contest. Not to purr about some favorable comments also. And that was back in 1999. Before full bore throttle into the paranormal romance genres.
Why this memory jaunt into a novel which may never be completed and may be entirely unwanted by the readers ~ because this adorable pic featured on Coast-to-Coastam jogged the Kougar's file-like mind, and moi recalled her story ~ after thinking it would be fascinating fun to paw-pen a novel about a powerful Celtic stag shifter.

Here's the story behind the pic ~ ~

A fawn followed my sister's neighbor's dog inside his house. Apparently the fawn followed the dog through a "doggie door" after the dog came back inside the house. The dog went on the couch and the fawn did the same. We have a huge over-population of deer here in Pennsylvania and deer are everywhere. My sister mentioned that her neighbor was really surprised and quickly got his camera to take the photo of the two on the couch. He directed the fawn back outside to the woods.
--Jimm F.

Rainy evening smooch from the Kougar...

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