Monday, December 31, 2007

2008, Who do we appreciate?

Yowl! Big Kittie Lovers, hang on with your claws and your ferociously gripping jaws. The Kougaress has never heard so many doom and gloom predictions for a new year in all her, paws over your eyes, don't peek, fifty plus years. The perfect storm seems to be coming down the pike. No great surprise if you've kept one prowling eye open, a sniffing nose to the winds o' change and watched the cold icy winds of torment roar over the world plains.
Yowl! The perfect storm! Roaring, smashing, monstrous wind gusts headed our way...and yes, it was a windy cloud-swift day on the winter prairie. Yes, Big Cats, find your caves, the winds and times, they are a-changing. And it's about to turn into a free-for-all.
Yowl and yawn! Lots of yawns. The Kougar is slumber-deprived today, having lived in the new world of editing yesterday and today, where the hunting ground was happy and lush enough, and, yes, challenging enough, until the punch of a storm arrived. The sucker punch. The one out of left field, the one least expected. Actually, it was two shots across the Kougar's jaw. However, one was the frustrating evil gremmies of technology and the Kougar's innocence in the computer world, what can be done and what cannot, and ignorance thereof.
Bam! Wham! And double slam. The computer gremmies are temporarily defeated. However, the fun has been sucked out of the room. For now.

2008, who do we appreciate? Number one. One for all, and all for one. It is the way of One this year. One Spirit? The Kougaress folds her paws in soft and long prayer. For one and all.

Big Beautiful Cats, take a frisky run over to Title Magic for Lexie's first charming enchanted blog.
Below is yowling moi's sleepy comment:
Happy New Year, Lexie! This is my up-way-past-my-bedtime comment. Your stories sound wonderful. I'll look forward to learning more as you go. I'll have to seriously gird my loins over a mean unicorn though. How lovely to be in the backwoods with nature, the fawns and the bears. I think being close to nature is one of the best gifts you can enjoy these days. I think I've gone through about five large yawns now. Signing off.

One Spirit kisses from the Kougar...

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