Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nightmare Kiss on a Gray Day

Hello, Big Kittie Lovers, despite the treacherous ice gravel path, the Kougar has accomplished her shopping hunt in fine-claw style, especially the bargain on organic egg nog. All that luscious cream with the spices that put the 'satisfied purring smile' on the Kougar's lips.
So, what great and wonderful message does the Kougar offer today? This gray day following several gray icy rainy days on the tame, yet cattle-resplendent prairie. The Kougar is yowling-frustrated. No shining sun upon her furry face. No sunrise glorious colors, no vermilion neon sun on the bare-limbed horizon. No pink-blazing clouds.
Back to the message, the Kougar in repose impatiently slaps her splendid whip-like caramel furred tail on the comfort of her carpet. For, the message offered up in her strange Alfred Hitchcock nightmare, had to be pondered upon before being deciphered. No easy task, brave big kitties, for the acts of ugliness in the nightmare were truly horrifying. In scene after tv drama scene the evil get their own back, eventually in a circle of fate which devours its own tail. Yes, the corrupt in soul and moral and deed end up disposing of their own. May it ever be so, so the innocent and the good among us no longer become casualties of their evil deeds. Now that would be a good New Year, in the Kougar's ever humble rumbling opinion.
Indeed, a nightmare kiss on a gray day.

Candy sweet kisses from the is the holiday season.

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