Monday, December 10, 2007

Icy Kissed Playground

The Kougar is playfully sliding over her ice realm. Fortunately her transport off the prairie is running, de-icing its windows. Thank you, Bast, and knock on wood, or tap, tap goes her paw on the nearest wooden surface. Yes, cold icy slickness rules the world outside the Kougar's cozy lair, where all is humming with vital electricity, and the food supply is large enough -- another ice storm is, the Kougaress loves Mother Nature. One must always revere the Mother if her graces are to be expected and granted. Like no fallen electrical lines, heavy with crystalline casings of ice. Thank you.
Her own icy playground, this always leads the Kougaress to her Mad Max thoughts and sci fi future speculations. Truth be told, most of us are walking the tight rope of existence upon Mother Earth, most easily demonstrated by New Orleans after Katrina. If a massive outage of electricity occurred for any length of time over our beloved country...well, it doesn't require much mental prowess to envision the catastrophic consequences.
Sad to say -- the Kougar scowls formidably -- those who are supposed to care about us, care about our beloved land, those who lead us -- no, they don't care. Not truly care. Their hearts are encased in ice, frozen against caring, really caring about us All. At best they care about their loved ones, and try to fight the good fight. Try, being the operative word and thus, always ineffective. Not many Mr. Smith's in Washington, DC these days.
No, as the Kougar has recently heard from many mouths, the District of Columbia has become the District of Criminals. At worst, the so-called leaders care about their offshore bank accounts, their slush funds, their latest scams to gain more power...because, ultimately, power is the name of the game. And remember, dear Big Kitties, as I'm certain you do...absolute power corrupts absolutely.
However, the Kougar gazes out at her icy kissed playground and prays with dedication for a better day, a better future for us All...while devotedly writing her sci fi future smut novels.

Icy kisses from the prairie...

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